Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Simple Mistakes That I Commit Unwittingly

Some people are just born great by birth and rest become wise as they grow up. The instinct in we humans is that, we forget the most important and simple things. It is just our carelessness that makes us forget the stuffs which otherwise has to be held back within us. Each and every modules that we learn in the class are all related to our life.

Mind set of people can be an aura of amiss if we take slapdash decisions. We hardly get time to take note of minor ones. For instance, it is a very casual and appropriately an everyday  topic with every Facebook users to enquire age, hometown  and even go up to asking people's height and weight though it becomes too personal by then. 

Our brain do keep the stuffs in it which are patently worthless. I still remember learning about "Force" in my high school days which is correlated with mass. Once, my teacher randomly picked up few of my friends and questioned "What is your weight?". Well, everyone thought it as a silly question and answered 50kg, 45kg and so on. My answer would be no different than what my friends said, as I was already prepared to tell my weight as 57kg.

The teacher then told us that this is the mistake almost every one commits out of negligence.  He stated that the answer should be expressed in Newtons as weight is the product of mass(kg) and gravitational force, which is just same as that of Force. The answer is correct if I asked to you all "What's your mass?" nodded our teacher to which we all agreed with a low indistinct continuous sound from all over the compact class room.

Even today, I still land up committing mistakes. For now, my mistakes are something that I am unaware of and of higher level than my grasping power. One of the esteemed professors from the mechanical department came to our class as a guest lecturer for three blocked periods to impart us with the basic facts of mechanics in engineering field.

He stressed more on direction of force and behavior of load bearing forces in the construction of mega structures. The two hours lecture seemed too short that I felt like it finished in a wink of my eyes. It appeared so because he used to relate the topics to our daily routines. He even cracked a humorous, but laudatory joke on the importance direction.

The Story was about the two persons who were voyaging in yacht. All out of sudden, their yacht pounded to an iceberg and started to sink. The person who knew how to swim asked his friend the approximate distance to the ground from the accident spot as he was so desperate to get himself to a safer ground. He replied "maybe 1km" with eyes brimmed with tears.

The questioner immediately started swimming with the hope of survival as he was confident enough to reach the safer place if it is just 1km away. At that point, the poor fella shouted, "Hey! It is just one 1km if you go vertically downward and distance can be more than 100 km if you're to go in horizontal direction".

It was crucial for the him to clarify the direction and the distance to the ground to keep himself away from the curse of his friend. If he didn't mention the direction, it would be the most deadliest sinister blow and intensify the existing problem in which he is trapped in. This simple story with broad scope just displayed the importance of direction in our daily life. 

Though just a fictitious story, professor narrated to remind us of the importance of small things which we usually forget. Since it has become like a trend to us, the extrication would be difficult to instantly get out of it, but we have to strive hard to at least be responsible for our own acts.  

Saturday, 13 October 2012

The late Time Of My 23 Years Of Stay On The Globe

With barely a month left for the semester exam, I hear my friends excitedly talking of going home during the short winter break. I gave the final thought and decided to stay back. Indeed, they are too excited to go home to meet their closed ones. I made up my mind to stay back though I too miss my people at home. Had it been a one month break, I would have already gone for ticket reservation way long back. Sadly, vacation is just for ten days, out of which 6 days has to be spent in the train for the to and fro journey. 

Of course we can extend few more weeks and enjoy with friends and family, but I find it meaningless because we suffer mercilessly to make up our attendance which has to be maintained atleast 75%. The exalting moments with family and friends vanishes in a wink because of the stresses which we have to endure once we register for the new academic session. Friend may have stories to share with us after returning from home and I have my own plan to share all my occupying incidents with them.

Most importantly, I am turning 24 within next few days. Series of mixed feelings collides in my mind. This draws my concentration way beyond the horizon of my analyzing capacity. The feeling is the most livest for my felicitous life, but do let me repent with the things that befell to me. I took considerably long time to realize the very presence of myself in this very beautiful world. It is a kind of wonderment to realize that I wasted lots of time dreaming in the unrealistic world totally barred from reality.

I was totally flabbergasted to see one of my high school friends reminding me of my birth day. That was an exhilarating moment to me and I always knew that there is a safest place deep within my heart for him which will remain eternally. More than anything, I reckoned his feelings, as I often forget my own birthday due to heavy workload and seemingly endless routine. I simply felt privileged to know that I have friends who still consider me as their best buddy.

I still remember the funniest incident whereby, I almost forgot the most significant day of my life. I was busy in the examination hall trying every possible way to manage pass mark and suddenly remembered that the day was my natal day. Engrossed wholly in studies, I nearly forgot the day being my birthday. Credit to the tough Physic paper which forced me to scratch my head and gaze to the ceiling which assisted me to retrieve my almost disregarded birthday. I could just smile in the examination hall and prayed to God for keeping me in the best of my form for all those years.

After having spent my entire teenage days at my beautiful hometown. The place which is sighted floating on the pool of green foliage surrounded by mountains from all directions where no one is keen on celebrating birthday. I still feel uncomfortable to assign great importance to observe the day of my birth. I have seen my little cute nieces and nephews zealously eager to celebrate it. They would even stop from crying and doing pranks when we say that we will cancel their birthday party. Everything changes with the tick of clock. As usual, I want to just express my gratitude and prayers to almighties for allowing me to lead a completely happy and  a contented life for last 23 years.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Am I Really Learning.....

First year was just the reiteration of what we studied in intermediate level. The subject were all the repetition  of those studied by the science students of 12 standard, though little bit in depth. After four years of gap, I had to study chemistry again which I rated as the most difficult subject back in my school life. No matter how tough it is, I have to manage a pass mark, but thinking about it spooked me. I have the record set in the school where by I never obtained pass marks in any of the home examinations in chemistry.  Nevertheless, I used to just get through in the final with a marginal mark which was consoling. Some how by sheer luck, I could clear all the modules of first year. 

Now the modules are all the core subjects of Civil engineering and a complete new set of studies to me. It is bit tedious as all the theories taught are experimented in the lab. Without a detailed critical inspection, it is obvious that I will lag behind and get positioned at a disadvantaged side. I find every new lesson challenging, yet try to grasp it for the sake of examination. Nothing comes in mind other than the exam tension which I forget once I get out of the class.   

Friends around have been the source of encouragement who always boosted me just to be in line with them. At times, weird feelings strikes my mind because I have already forgotten the things that I studied in the previous semester. To implement it in the professional field is subsequently becoming too vague to be considered as my plan.I cannot stay in an unsatisfied state though to implement in real is thinning out my hopes and compelling me feel pessimistic. 

Once, I genuinely asked my best buddy who recently graduated this year about his course and what he gained out of it. My question made him giggle in the middle of the Thimphu city. He replied, "I am feeling blank at this point" followed by a grin smile on his pudgy pale face. I didn't do any survey to authenticate what I felt. I instantly thought that everything I perceived was absolutely normal. Perhaps we may excel when it comes to practicality just like man becoming wiser and chicer with age. 

For this semester, I along with my four best buddies are undertaking a study on the behavior of M30, M40 Concrete in the acidic condition. To speak out the truth, no one from my group had the idea about the topic in the beginning which was kind of a worrying matter. We just chose the topic randomly by risking ourselves to learn something new. A friend intercommunicated whether the topic is fine for all of us and the rest, who are yet to know the real taste of the Course easily agreed. I must say, we're progressing and learning  unexpectedly, which are to be forgotten by next semester as always ^_^

Sunday, 7 October 2012


There are certain formalities that has to be followed by every individual. We can’t simply stay alone without acquaintances around. If being a loner is good, I concur spending time with friends is the best. It is quite impossible to comment on anyone at an instant. Some are seen totally as a bossy, demanding and annoying when we are strangers to them, but with time we discover many impressive qualities within them.

There are others whom we see jovial and elegant, who turns out to be the smartest person, but makes us feel painful and severely terrible upon thinking about their real mental attitude. Of all, an unexpected action of our best buddies under specific circumstances impels one to go blank. As nobody anticipates such a reaction from him, the dramatic scene leaves all other friends absolutely mum and in an embarrassing situation. 
I would rather prefer to change for good cause than to reform mentally for others sake. In no ways, I can mingle with those guys who hold friendship just because of some influential factors. Many people try to display their best character in the beginning which is just a mere pretension. They are the stupid people who deceive their friends with false artificial quality. An imaginative and intellectual play by our friends at the beginning lets other people to perceive goodness in them and gradually makes us feel sorry.

I know harping on other people isn’t a modest thing I should do, but I do it wittingly to speak out the truth. People never complain whiningly about their friends. They adopt every other possible ways to express what they feel at heart. Of all, it is bit harsh on others to take it, positioning into the most intolerable degree of sentimentality.Friends will never take it seriously until they are severely wounded. To befriend is every ones desire. 

I just love making friends and feel complete to have friends who are always there for me. Just like we visit hairdresser to cut hair, we can also check and sort carefully the ones who are worthy to be considered as best buddies. My face normally doesn't turn dark with extreme rage, but with some sense of gloominess whenever I see my buddies unhappy because of me. I can never ever lower someone’s spirit and make them downhearted. Even if they do, I would just acknowledge with a supposition that he is totally unintentional. 

PS:- Intended to hurt no one's emotion. Just a random perceptual experience of what I see around. No one is born without flaws, but we have spacious surrounding for improvement.   

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

In Search Of a Concept For Perfectness

I always desire persistently for a disposition free from stress and emotion. Till now, I have been a keen listeners to my friends about the relationships. My tenacious memory still remembers all different opinions of my friends. Most of them who are in relation suggested me to stay away from this, while some section of friends insisted me to alteast experience it once. They say so by citing their personal experiences and I noted every words of them. Seriously examining their confounding assertions, it just left me in the position whereby I must describe as an emotionally confusing state. 

Everytime my lovable friends puts such propositions, I grab it with exuberance because I see earnestness in their face. I know they say so for my own sake, yet they leave on me whether to take it sincerely or to turn a deaf ear. When I analyze the firm and humourless promptings of them, it makes me go numb since it puts me further into the a flummoxing situation. The big question in my mind is, which one to rate important and consider. Though it is just their perception, they say it wholeheartedly for my own sake and I value it. Many a times, I readily accepted and agreed with them because I know I will do what my heart says. 

Quite often, unusual thoughts fills my mind even though it is not a repleting one. At one time, my mind says yep!! It is better to be with friends and enjoy like what you've been always doing, but on other hand, my psychic feeling says, Nope!! it is time for u now. Sometimes, I get boosted up from within and feels like I will direct with the go ahead command. I can do anything haphazardly for my own sake, but it fears me when it comes to dealing with other's sentiment and emotion. My heart says, the pain for hurting others is much more excruciating than anything else. So with this reverence embedded deep within me, I fear to risk with my decision which is being backed up by the well-meaning suggestion from my lovable friends.

 The corollary of relationship, be it an ardent love or a fake makes me pessimist. It is meaningless to consider as true love when one is happy and suddenly think of separating whenever in tense mood because of someone who loves you so dearly. More than anything, I think mutual understanding is very vital for relation to last eternally. People usually wish for a perfect person which doesn't exist in this world. Having observed for this many years and seen different section of people, I should say some sacrifice, adjustment, compromises and capability to apprehend and understand others feelings are the real clues for any relation to last for limitless time. As expected, people may consider me hypocrite if I don't follow what I just felt and jotted down. I know practicality is always difficult, still I would strive hard to keep others happy, which is the ultimate aspiration of every lover.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Thrue Baab:- Time To Wipe Off Our Sins

It was the day for me to wash off all my sins accumulated over one year. My words may sound feeble if I say, I stayed awake whole night to cleanse myself in the morning. This is just a belief, yet my faith kept me active whole night to do what I used to do at home. Blessed Rainy Day is the day for sharchops in particular to celebrate it grandly.

 I just realized this when my classmate from Haa insisted sharchops out here to buy a bottle of liquor for him. He was genuine with his words because he posited, Haaps don't celebrate Thrue Baab. I strongly noted his words as I stayed at his hometown for three years and didn't see any speciality during this particular day.

I knew, he wanted to rob our fiddling money in the name of Sharchopa Losar. At heart, I had the mind to spend my few amounts for I can't throw a huge amount in the name of Losar. Seriously, I wasn't drunk at that moment. I promptly opposed by asserting, why our government should deliberately declare it as government holiday if it was the day for sharchops only.

I wasn't intending to offend him, but most of them took it as an offence from my side. Ofcourse, sharchops are all over Bhutan and  it is not a surprise to see majority of my mates from eastern Bhutan in my college too.BSA office bearers initiated a gathering exclusively to observe this very auspicious day and to keep up the long standing trend of our country.

Appreciated them working in the torrid sun. Some section of friends prepared varieties of food items by waking up before dawn. I could wake up only at around 11am and went there to take the brunch. Majority of them were longing to warm up themselves. I always accompany them, what ever occasion it may be.

Therefore, I couldn't say no to them and right away decided to join them. They insisted me to organize the boozing session to celebrate the event. I showed little bit of disinclination by attentively talking about the scarcity of money with all of us. It wasn't a mere formality to drink, but a custom our forefathers passed on us. 

People say, money is not everything and at that very moment, I just thought money is something when needed. Somehow, we managed few thousands and visited our favourite inn. We drank few bottles of Beer and that contented all of us. I enjoyed their company as usual and we headed back to attend our gathering, which I must appraise as a rare event.

I displayed my capability and proved that I am one of the gluttonous person who is invincible by all in eating. Excessive eating made me slothful and left me in comfortless state, but never agitated me as I ate, boozed, sang just to celebrate THRUE BAAB.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Lovable Old Friends

 To live up to ones own expectation, people toil hard day and night. No one in this world lives a single day without a sense of responsibility. Tomorrow is unpredictable, no matter what?, we all need to live today upto ones desirable prospect. The only favourite  pass time for me is to either study or to stay online in facebook and I must say this is my apparent routine.  On several occasions, I folk with my batch mate to have fun and party in my new college. Well, I just realized that I had the best group friends in SHERUBTSE.

They were the guys who knew me to the extreme and still they wanted me to be their friend. I don't know whether I deserved to be the member of their tribe, but  feels blessed to be in their list any how.Everything is just now the bygone memories and I do miss those days in intense despair. The togetherness and the great time with them still makes my best memory. It doesn't mean that I owe their care and concern. To be based on theories and facts, we generally forgets our friends with time and due to some unfavorable circumstances. Yet they were my friends with whom I shared amicable and intimate friendship.

Individually, they were unique in their own ways just like what I am. Though they were my friends, I found it bit difficult to conform with them in many aspects. In many fields, they were way ahead of me and was solacing to befriend with them. At times, they used to rage against my negative traits. The worst of all is that, I never used to accept the fault, trying every possible way to prove that I am not the perpetrator. This might have anguished them and I am helpless with those incidents, since it happened without my real intention. Shit happens among best friends too, but it takes less time to resolve. Of all, I enjoyed their company as they were always by my side as and when needed.

Caught them Fuddling
We boozed, shared laughter and even cried together in many occasions. My stay with them provided me full fledged enjoyment. They never denied anything that I planned and were always just a call away. Sometimes, I hesitated to call them for some reasons, even so they were never left out. It was simply charmless without them to do anything. Sometimes, I held back in uncertainty just for the reason that they had nymph like a girl caring and loving them. As time dashed ahead, I came to know that they're utterly alike and elegant. Infact, it brings ample of joys and smile to have known them. Just like my friends, they too were very much calm, modest and distinctively ravishing. More than this, their understanding and respect to the friendship I had with my friends was worth of deference regards.
Posing for the great shot


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Warmth In My Life

Amidst of my busy schedule, lot many things stands in queue which makes me feel as the busiest creature of all. Listening to all kinds of Bhutanese music is my passion. When music vibrates deep within my heart, the euphony becomes the source of  great amusement.. For me, music is an essence of my life. We listen to it and get freed from all sorts of stresses. I've many friends whom I should thank for attaching the new songs that they get back at home.

I must say, I never miss a single day without playing the songs that they emailed me. The reverberating voice of young Bhutanese singers are so much influential and soothing to my ears, which consents me to play their songs for countless times. So, all I can do is appreciate, listen to it zealously with the hope of catching up their next new album. 

In schools, I used to envy the way seniors played soccer and I too got into it. Maybe it was my ill luck that barricaded me from getting into the game that I liked to play the most. I had to keep a gap in between after twisting my ankle. Since then, I lost the interest in playing as I felt the excruciating pain every time I tried to get back into the soccer field. Subsequently, I shifted to indoor games and particularly to TableTennis. Gradually, I started liking the game and then became the active amateur player in the gymnasium.

It is quite impossible to bounce back to soccer field and show my crappy play, but the love and passion towards it is still alive within me. Infact, I never miss  the European soccer and Gunners' match on television during the weekends. I have PES-pro-evolution soccer installed in the laptop which keeps me awake entire night. The good thing I see in it is that, we can associate ourselves in the game just like we are playing in the field. It requires prompt decision, plans and tactics to surpass our opponents and score goals.

Boozing out with friends comes next in the queue. If we are to drink alone, it is a different case. It happens only if one is a real alcoholic or when one is mentally depressed. I just take a peg or two to flush out the tenseness of my body. The best part in me is that, I become talkative and more voguish when I am in boozy state. Though, all my friends are unique in many ways, our opinions are in conformity with the norms and standards. Some says, we will never drink in life, if we don't drink in our college life. This cannot be emphatically true, but I personally feel that life is just like a flowing river with different stage and features.

Above all, I am a man with responsibilities and I don't see any reason for me to get distracted by the so called fantasizing surrounding. There are lots of option in this deteriorating world and it is in our hands to choose the best one. Though with a feeling of hesitant and tautness, I fear nothing for my fervid dreams to turn into reality. This makes me a guy with loads of responsibilities, which will ultimately sparkle my life. Every right implies a responsibility. I ain't too ambitious with everything I plan, but  contrive it with some fear and hope.


Thursday, 30 August 2012

Battling For The Best Of My Form

I don't remember taking medicine for whatever illness or health problem it might be. Ah! It was almost 15 years ago and a vivid reminiscence of my cognitive days. The most funniest of all incidents that strikes my mind quite often makes me to laugh within myself with a smile on my face. I used to take Paracetamol by powdering and mixing it with sugar dissolved in water . This used to happen after the repeated threatening from my mom which I used to take it with my face soaked in tears. 

Even today, I still have that instinct embedded deep in my subconscious. It is my vague idea that curtails me not to take medicine. The talk about the chemical side effects of the medicines further deemed me to strictly prohibit or refrain myself from taking the medicine prescribed by the Doctor. I am well informed of the healing power of medicines but still fear the side effects of taking excessive medicine. This may sound lame and weird to others, but I must say I was regularized by this notion for more than a decade, though the situation is not same anymore.

It all happened a couple of months back when I spotted a small rashes on the lower part of my abdomen and thigh. At first, I thought it maybe due to the sizzling and humid weather condition that is reacting to my delicate skin. It can be due to my negligence or I being a carefree guy which cast me into the worst of my form, from which extrication is severe. In the beginning, I thought everything might get back to the normal and had little time to think of the consequences. Days and weeks passed by and I could slowly feel the intensity of skin irritation disturbing the peace within me. 

At some point, I felt mercilessly satisfied and felt the subsidence of the annoyance of the red patches on my skin. That was the  psychic feeling and in the wake of extreme itchiness, I couldn't even configure that I was doing the damage by scratching it badly with my fingers. A mosquito bite on the other parts used to turn into ring like patches the next day and that kept on escalating. That was all due to the uncurbed freaking act of my useless two hands, which uncontrollably supervised every part of my body unnecessarily after scrubbing the infected part.

Sample of the infection on my right arm

Now, with the dreaded red colour patches all over the body, nothing strikes my mind other than the   medication for the quick recovery. Since then, I visited the pharmacy in every nook and corner of the Vijayawada and consulted the physician. This totally contradicts my very first paragraph and I strongly believe that I am going through the right track.The aversive instinct in me is being virtuously subsided by the regime medication and strict diet. Considering all the remedies that I am undertaking, I am definite that nothing can dissuade me from getting back to my best form.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Where is our status......

Currently, we are the fourth Bhutanese batch studying in one of the private colleges of Andhra Pradesh. The first batch of students kept the fame of Bhutanese students in our college by being punctual, obedient, studious and as an ideal students of all. They were the bunches of in-service candidates who were given the priceless opportunity by the Royal Government Of Bhutan to pursue higher studies. Knowing the drawbacks of minimial qualification for the further enhancement of ones status in the Civil Service, they were here to study Their very presence among lads with a common purpose vividly described the importance of education.

 It is very much common to praise the college where we study without juxtaposing with other colleges which are plenty in India. The point is that everyone loves to praise the college in which he/she is getting rich knowledge and practical experiences in their core subjects. Personally, I am neutral in my opinion and would say that I hate this college as much as I like it. This assertion of mine may create a feeling of disquiet to some of my college mates but it is my opinion to which they have no right to comment. It is same like, I have no right to comment on what other guys think about me and can be interpreted in other way round.

I gracefully thank all my senior room mates, with whom I had an amicable and intimate friendship. It is from them that I learned a few important values of life. The value of education which we the youngsters take into granted. We all feel as if like we are being levied with sizeable taxes or penalties to study. The most inspiring and exemplary to all was the zest and the commitment towards learning things. Many were older than our professors, with the working experience of more than 20 years. One of them used to say I am the oldest of all my siblings and the last to graduate. My eyes filled with the joyous tears when I saw a senior posing infront of camera with her daughter in a National Graduates Orientation Program. Imagine that blissful and exhilarating moment when a father and a daughter gets the opportunity to attend the orientation together. A very rare and special moment I must anecdote.

Their presence with us is now a past memory. Their modesty and sincerity are the points that our professors have on the tip of their tongue to express complaints, discontent, or displeasure over our mistakes and behavior. How can they see us as a better person if they are to compare us with the first Bhutanese batch. They were the people bearing the high profile post in the Districts as District engineers and sub-ordinates. So it is the most unintelligent thing on their part to point fingers on the lads by comparing with our elders. A man becomes wiser with time and age. A change in behavior and attitude is not just trying to be perfect and pretending to be decent infront of them. It is like trying to get the things in better position than before. In an opinion of mine, I would applaud my friend who audaciously rebuked the bad mouth of HOD. 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Simple And Effective Buffoonery.

Sometimes when I have no work to be done, I land up doing silly things in the room to my friends in every possible ways. It is almost a fortnight, I with my roomy made our Facebook friends scratch their head at the other end. Almost all our friends were confused over our smart plan. My roomy is my only childhood friend with whom I share the same name. In primary schooling days, we're classmates, but only for three years. Perhaps, he might have chosen to study twice in the same class to build up a good foundation or there could be any other reasons, while I had a fluent transition to higher standard. It was in high school, I had to experience what he did in primary. On many grounds, we got separated only to meet in the college exactly after a decade. In the college, we pursued the same course but he got admitted a year after me where I became the duly respected senior to him.  We stayed in the same hostel just below the lower market of Kanglung town and we were separated by a room in between. Almost daily, I used to visit his room and seldom talked and recollected our fond memories of early days of schooling infront of our college friends, but most of the time we used to talk about those beautiful nymphs present in and around the college campus.

                                          Captured him having fun.......

Currently, we are again together, but in a new college thousands of mile away from the previous one. We are a few among many who got the chance to study in two distinct colleges though it came as a total blow to us in the beginning. Seriously, I felt the complete darkness for a week or so just because of the reason that I had to leave my former college all out of sudden. That perturbing moment when I had to check my name reflected in the powerful red color on the result processing sheet was something way beyond the content that I possess to describe. I just felt like I was trolled by my own life and that haunted me for many days. My roomy may also have this same dreadful experience and thoughts embedded in his mind because he also falls in the same category in which I am. At the moment, God has been fair on both of us with bunches of adorable friends around which is something consoling. Facebook and internet is the only entertaining companion. All our class mates spend hours surfing it. We also became regular upon reaching the new college which is the only source to keep in touch with our nearest and dearest ones. After the tiring day long college hours, I head to my apartment straight away and confine in my lonely room which I can describe it as the best part of my day to be in. I stay in the room reading news, watching movies and sometimes go through the online articles authored by Bhutanese writers,but more often I open my lappy to live stream  the  European soccer which I envy the most.

Actually, my friend is using different name in his Facebook account, but once we decided to keep our original name with same profile picture and identical cover page just to make fun of our friends. To make our plan successful and an effective one, we restricted all photo viewing option to self so that nobody can cross check our albums. That night we fooled around 20 of  our friends online. They were unaware of our intention. To make the matter bit confusing, we forwarded the same message to our mutual friends at a time. Some never replied us, but those who did were very much stupefied. The were asking me "Are you maintaining two Facebook accounts?" where I promptly replied "nope". It was an innocent prank and in the pretext of being guiltless to hear their question, I stressed more on why they were asking me this strange question. A friend was saying that she just wanted to know it without any reason, I insisted her to be frank and told her that her inquiry made me bit curious and a disquieting one. Perhaps, that was a real cracker to her head but she pretended to be calm. Then she wrote, "actually there are two tabs on your name from which the message is coming simultaneously". At that point I wrote, definitely one is the account that I am using right now and the other one can be my spirit which I cannot say so surely. To fear her, I said you are the only who is saying so. Actually, we just planned to fool them but we landed up scaring some which we shouldn't have done. The girl reflected her feeling of discomfort and throbbing moment after seeing my words, but still we didn't  reveal the truth behind and we'll never reveal for the reason that it was just a simple prank plotted by my roomy.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

A distinguishing feature of Girls.

Recently, some of my friends have started showing interest in everything that they never used to and it came as a total package bit surprising to fellow mates. The question is not about why a section of friends are taking it as the feeling of wonderment and astonishment, but to the remark they made. Well, people may talk and think about us in different ways, which is none of our business to care about. A particular remark from a girl which I heard from my friend cracked my head almost. I know it is ourself who is going to lead ones life, we still come across people bothering and commenting on the works that we do. People never consider the flaws on their part and this is the trend that is happening all around us. We are here to learn from all this views and comments rather than taking it as a serious blow to our psyche. Everyone gets insulted and hurt by rude remarks but there are some points where the words pierces our heart deeper than those rude remarks.

How can one blindly speak out something without any proper judgment?. Is it that the person has attained and ideal instance of life, free from flaws and errors? Hearing the story, I personally felt a big blow because of the fact that I am guy filled with extreme defects and being a person with a wayward attitude. I normally land up judging other people in wrong way which I confine it within myself just to analyze whether my thoughts are at par with the norms or not. I may not have the intention to hurt my friends, but do land up upsetting them. The most hurting and anguishing point was to hear a class mate girl of mine speaking out her truth. 

Luckily, I wasn't present there to listen to her words. With some sense of  contemptuous act on her face, she uttered "Are they that desperate and that cheap?". It would have been more suitable and appropriate if she was the modest and most decent girl of all. Knowing everything about her fame for negative traits among our friends, it just embarrassed me to take note of her words. Though I heard it from a third person, it made me speechless for a minute or so. A interesting point is that she enquired my friend whether he is also desperate like other guys. The poor guy has to keep mum in front of other girls for the reason that all boys are fraud and all girls are flirty. Actually, it was just that one of our friends invited his class mates(Indian girl) for a simple lunch over his place and it seems like they coincidentally saw him bidding goodbye.

The guy who was pouring his eyes along with our Bhutanese girls to the girl and our friend describes it as a moment of total embarrassment. The boldness of the girl brought shame to him. Upon hearing this, it left a big interrogation mark in the back of my mind and guess in him too. The audacious way of commenting over other people was the clear indication of her trying to show her part of goodness and decency when everyone knows everything  about her which is an absolute complement. The truth is that everybody blames others without trying to reflect oneself and this is what exactly happened. There were many other friends(girls) present with them at that point and some sense of properness from her side and pretending to be surprised was bit annoying. That awkward moment when everyone knew well about the girl and her act of  innocency truly indcated boldness, which is the back up for all her fame and name among friends.

P.S:- A true incident narrated by my friend to me who was with the girls at that time.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Blissful Amicable Friendship

Precision and accuracy are the dual words mandatory for the perfection of anything. A slight inadequacy results in some errors or imperfection. It will  be the heaviest and the most toughest undertaking to find the two together. Likewise, we are ought to find only few perfect people out of millions, the cause behind why we  are together apparently. To reach the degree of perfection, I strongly believe in purest form of the human mind free from  all despicable thoughts and actions. To be frank, I would love to confess that I am a physically aggressive, an imperfect, an arrogant, ill-tempered and erroneously packed with all unwanted stuffs that makes an incomplete me. Just like any other person, I too love mingling with friends and make a best time out of nothing. I have learned how to accept and give out the things with great exuberance. Anything can happen to us and to accept wholeheartedly makes some sense. We can't get hurt just over silly matters and remain pissed off for most the time. If we do so, we are the ones who will get reprimanded with a regretful and disgustful aroma of our life.

Birds of same feather flock together, so do the humans. Personally, I feel it as the greatest delectation and enjoyment to have a friend of similar character and attitude. Of course, acquaintances around are limitless, but friends are the ones with whom we share our joys, laughter and emotions. I feel comfortable to see red with my friends than pretending to be docile or gentle with strangers. In many ways, I and my friends bear lots of resemblances which makes our bond stronger than all kinds of bonds that we studied in chemistry. The most appreciable point with the present mates is that, some section of friends are totally a teetotaler, pure vegetarian while others are just the opposite. Still, they possess the courteous act to be together all the time. Our boozy drunk companions are well taken care by other section of friends which makes our gathering a memorial and a grand one. Some are careless, but we accept it keeping in mind that carelessness is the most prominent character of a growing age.

After limitless pouring of liquor beyond my drinking capacity(Don't mistake me with an alcoholic for it happens once in a while), I land up performing funny acts. I observed a similar behaviour in all my partners. They easily get hurt, argue, nonetheless it takes a second to compromise and sort it out as it is entirely the intoxicant ruling them. Majority of them (including myself) turns emotionally weak and reaches the extreme of shedding tears unnecessarily. However, this is not an important point  to be focused because we laugh, weep, roar, dance, crack jokes and talk over serious issues exclusively for the ground that the party is all ours and we have the right to do anything. For so many reasons, I feel extremely indebted and blessed to have scary friends around. You all are not an insane but a lovable sane.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Feelings And Ragging Experiences.....

Can we sleep day and night without even taking a single meal? Well, it is impossible to some people but with the situation and the circumstances, I can now say that it is possible. This happens when no one is around  to mingle with and sleeping becomes the prime option. I normally wake up early at home even though my bedtime prolongs upto AM in the morning. Things aren't same in all the places. Different sets of people in different localities and so comes the unique mind sets, perception and demeanor. Staying inside the room whole day also makes one drowsy and lethargic. I experienced it on several occasions and left me in the state of  utmost wearisomeness. It is at this juncture that you feel like, you are staying in a Cubby unknown to other guys. Of course, I ain't the only one who is going through such disgusting routines. Whatsoever, I shouldn't be concerned or overtaken by these things as I am here with some responsibilities which weighs more value.

Though I feel highly favoured to be here studying for my future, I can't stop cursing the place and the environment around. Profane words are bound to come out of my bad mouth quite often and God is the only one who will know the reason behind all this. Earth around me was awesome back at home and everything was treating me so generously. I feel sorry for myself and could see the same pinch on all my friend's face. The ultimate truth in me and all of my friends here is that, we all have apparently been living with some dissatisfaction with all things. An angry stare in all my buddies' unruffled faces depicts their tantrums though not  thrown practically. At times, we reach the point where we can do anything out of frustration, but we try to domesticize ourselves  thinking of the consequences which will be the only worst thing that will follow us. With the way people interact and treat us, we can commit our own way of unrighteous and mischievous human action. None of us will do for we weren't brought up in the such unethical environment and this is something I should consider as a plus point for the cunts(couldn't find any suitable word to describe them)  like them.

I got everything upon reaching here. The newfangled name called "Lord of the Rings" for having a ring like infection caused by fungus all over my body. I have lots of friends who have the bitter experience of the infection prior to me and alias as "Return Of the Rings". They were given this befitting name because the infection isn't fully recovered whereby, there is a every chances of getting it over again if not medicated and taken care of. Having undergone the excruciating and irritating phase before me, they smile at me with some sense of sarcasm yet a concern too. A bite of mosquito can also turn into a big wound if left unattended. This is the place where anything shit is possible. It is all us as an individual to take care of oneself, which is the most crucial and a worthy task to be kept as our priority. Regardless of the undesirable, negative and worst environment around, we always come together and lit our own light to elate the spirits of our small Bhutanese family like the sun glaring down on us which bring a good deal  of happiness to the worldly beings.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Farewell Note

Farewell, recognition of someone's achievement and formulation of goodwill at parting is the customary practice prevailing everywhere. Bhutanese Students Association, Vijayawada was once again in proximity to accolade our seniors who will be graduating this summer. Though the togetherness with them appeared like an ephemeral, the moments that we have in common possessed bunches of vigorous joys and merriment. The great times we shared out are something that can turn out the bygone days into an euphoric state every time we reminisce of it. They are my seniors, my elder brothers or can say as an adults, who genuinely guided me and helped me feel home in a place away from home.

I say this because the nostalgic vibe of our closeness has already started dazzling which can even overpower the luminous intensity of the moon and the stars. Being an inhabitant with friends around, we run across people of different ethics, thoughts and notions. A feeling of deep regret has been pinched in between my cardiac tissues solely for the minimal time that i got to be with them. Nevertheless, I could manage to grasp few good things and postures from them, which were very much inspiring and beneficial for the nymphs and pups studying B.Tech degree. I simply saw them as an ideal person from whom we can at least learn and realize the true facts of life and the importance of education.

I gained ideas and acquired profound knowledge about life from them. In reality, we see others and external matters more than what we see within us. The matters of life and the facts that we experience are a concoction of good and bad. I say so basing on what my eyes saw and how my heart perceived about it. Simultaneously, I can't deny the prevalence of imperfection among human. We do commit mistakes, gets hurt, but most importantly we should know how to forgive, forget and apologize for the wrong doings. The most worthy and desirable part in them was the zeal and enthusiasm to learn the subjects at their age. I often longed and wished for the immense and the versatile learning interest like them which is normally lacking in the veins of young bloods.

Every work of theirs were appreciable. Yes, i did appreciate the consistency in their work and laud their regiment time management system, which is one out of many secrets behind the success of any endeavor. Watching them toil hard without respite and uplifting the name of Bhutanese Students in the sights of the local people were the great works and qualities in them that overwhelmed me with admiration and subsided the rambling thoughts which distracted and hampered my normal routine. The smile from them and a savory gossip with them was enough for us to feel happy as it used to outwit the loneliness for being away from home. For now, I say adios to all  with a hope of unifying in the time yet to come.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Life In The Heaven

As we enter into the soup of our life, the extrication is toilsome and we are ought to get the prick of it. Everyone gets the chance to respire the aroma of it, but comes out in varying odors to different people. To some, it may appear like secretion of nectar that is sweet to a pollinator. The pollinator feels like it is being honeyed, whereas it is as worse as the stink of a shit to some other people. Life is an everlasting jaunt that everyone of us get to relish. The trail of it glitters and blinds us to be the utmost degree whereby we feel like living eternally. At times, it dulls us that the very charm that we experience in times of amusements just gets covered deep below the sorrowful moments and we feel like getting rid of it completely. We have to bear in mind of all these things, but we hardly get the time to realize it until something forces us by getting into our track. Well, journey of life is unidirectional without the option of reverse gear. Yesterday becomes the previous day and glides by as life goes on.

 Past moments gets imprinted in the core of our heart. Remarkable times of our life are always engraved in our heart with the depressingly dark days being placed somewhere in the same vicinity. Both are the part and parcel of our life and inevitable too. The bitter instants are never welcomed or accepted, yet it is bound to happen and hard to say no to it. Indeed, it is always a difficult thing to say no to anything. There are instances in life that shall bewilder us and make us ceaseless without a clue. However, there is always a time at one point that will reveal the clue we persistently longed for. I always think that there is time when we will reap the success of your life and a day will follow after us. Everyone possess a trait that can impress others and the smile that can be powerful to spark the world.

A suitable word is inscribed in the dictionary that will let other people describe and discover us. Let it be good or bad, we are known to someone for what we are and what we do. For instance, Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest and the richest man in this earth is a magnate and a philanthropist. So, he is known worldwide for his generosity and charitableness. I am not trying to compare anyone with him as I know, I am not even below the left toe of his left foot but his acts are appreciable and honored by millions. So, I think there is a part in everyone of us that will make a place in this world. The world is an elusive embodiment of universe where joy as well as agony prevail all over. Innumerable emotions, remembrance and most appropriately a place to physic ourselves is how I will describe the world. That’s why this world is very revising and an ultimate Eden. Therefore everyone should do great!!!!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A Statement In Explanation Of Some Action Or Belief

You don’t look like a timid guy is the most common and repeated remark from many of my friends and they even doubt that I may be flirting with strangers by giving a false information. I rue the reason that I don’t have the proof to make them believe that I am not the person they think and assume of.  The question is how can I convince them and prove it. Of course, I know I have become more communicative in recent days, but in real, the things are just contrary to their assumption and an absolute complement. When I say that I haven’t been into a relationship and haven’t experienced it, most of my friends display some amount of disapproval to my words.

How can somebody be idle in a college where there are plenty of nymphs is the justification they give to oppose my words. To this, I narrate my epic story of how I am today and how I have been before. The story of how my mind got distracted after falling for someone, getting no response from her, leaving me in the most painful and intolerable state. When you study in the college like Sherubtse, everyone expects a romantic story at least, but in real, most of the lads are left idle and single. When the outsiders passing by the highway captures a few couples dating alongside the road, they instantly picturize the whole students to be of that type. I don’t object and deny what they say, but just generalize it by saying that some are there who prioritizes their time fully in studies, some in playing games and many other things. We cannot judge anything by some vague evidences or without knowing the truth behind it. The outer appearances can often be deceptive and it can mislead our thoughts and concepts.

Mates in my new college were keen in listening to the account of my stay in Sherubtse college. Some liked the way I spent my days in the college while I saw some sense of heartache in others. The most comical of all was that, a guy whom I think, is of the same stature as me in every aspects wasn’t happy at all with the way I whiled away my time. He consoled me for the vicious twist of my fate and dumping me way back to the first year. In between, I sighted a contented smile in his face for he had a similar pitiful story. He had his own story of how he wasted a year in another college. I could sense a gloominess thought in his mind, for he was still tangled by the distasteful incident. I appropriately weighed ourselves as the birds of same feather and we had millions of reasons to be happy as ever with the opportunity in our hands to prove ourselves and kept him mum by pointing that he would have ruined without getting a single girlfriend like me if he was also there in Sherubtse.

Not even a single friend of mine was happy to hear the harsh and tough promotion rule implemented by my previous college. If our present college had the similar rule, I am sure we will be kicked hard on our butts right from the beginning of the course. Some of my friends would have rested for almost three months by now, waiting for the juniors to get enrolled for the next academic session. Thank God!! the rules are not that extreme. Considering the toughness of the courses the college offer, I think the present rules are just appropriate and standard. It is a pleasant news to learn that RUB is readmitting those students who were once detained. I hope and pray that the new tentative rules benefit the present students and also give life to those who were once victimized.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Imperfect Decision

People spend hefty money if they have more with them and can stay without it, too. The more we have, the more we expend. Actually,  I pay out a few thousands of bucks like any other typical ordinary guys and stay broke at several occasions after lavishly spending the money by going for movies, visiting KFC, shopping, hanging out with friends and touring the nearby places during holidays. I could even stay calmly without single bucks for weeks and life is absolutely normal and same like the former one. In truth, when my purse remains loaded with few amount, an endless plan pops out from within. Incapable of controlling or managing myself, I become the victim of everything I planned and a scapegoat to myself, never keeping me in tranquil state. As a student, I expect nothing more at present and with all my apparent profile, it is sufficient for me to say in a joyous manner that I have everything that suffices the student’s needs. I accept the challenges and hardships with a heart of ebullience as I take into consideration that it is the perfect embodiment of concept and direction for me to test my true inherent capacity and tackling it with the required solution shapes me to be a better person.

Nothing is tedious and tiring than studying. It sucks out the juice deep from the myeloid, shrinking our eyes inside the sockets.  It is a deadening topic that every student hates to discuss about, yet the sadder tale is that it is an important aspect of one’s life which cannot be neglected at any cost and with which we respire. Students’ life is a one such stage in our entire life where we get the opportunity to modify ourselves for a good cause, a rostrum for us to make ample of friends and grasp the values of life. It is the time where we experience the funniest, the most interesting and distressing incidents, bringing a mixed joys in our faces and imprinting memories in our hearts.

The incident that occurred with me and my friends a few days back placed us in a traumatic state. It being a holiday, we went out to refresh ourselves from the hectic classes and assignments. After a quick shopping, we halted in one restaurant to fill up our tummy and to boost ourselves. Some ordered cool drinks, but I found a chill beer stored in the refrigerator which is a perfect thirst quencher for me. One friend came up with his idea to go for movie to which we agreed. The amount that we had in cash was insufficient for us to watch a newly released movie in the theatre after having spent some in filling up our tummy and shopping. So we went to the nearest ATM counter to withdraw the remaining few hundreds which was left purposefully because we never know of the sudden unforeseen crisis that demands immediate actions at times where money plays the principle role. It came to me as an utter astonishment to see the amount in the ATM being quadrupled. I immediately informed my fellas standing outside about it and saw a smile on their faces.

Everyone knew that someone erroneously deposited a few thousands in my account, but no one, excepting me had the mind to let it be in the ATM so that the bank can transfer it to the intended account holder. My opinion to keep it in the account was ruled out by their hasty decision and we withdrew the whole amount. This was the risk taken fully by my friends and I could see no regrets in their faces but it made me feel uncomfortable as it was morally reprehensible. For now, I am indebted to the Bank for transferring the exact amount to the third person at the right time without any flaws before I could deposit it back and leaving my account in the negative balance for few days, awaiting to adjust it from my next deposit. Having solved the problem, I could now breathe the air with a flavor of great relief. I wholeheartedly accept my mistake and sincerely apologize it and would also petition all the people to be with good forethoughts while undertaking any chore.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

HM's Birthday Celebration

When people at home were all in festive mood getting ready to celebrate the 32nd birth anniversary of our beloved 5th king  and the losar, I was a busy sojourner here in Andra Pradesh heading my way to the college as early as 6:40am in the morning to attend the normal packed and tiring  class which starts from 7:20am. I came to know that the 22nd of February was the beginning of the new year according to our Bhutanese lunar calendar only after my friend back home texted me to express her wish. I don’t mean to say that I am least bothered in all these things but it so happened because I was quite tangled in the busy college schedule. Bhutanese studying here in Vijayawada without any dissent came together wholeheartedly to celebrate our king’s birth anniversary for we know it is the only way for us to show and pay tribute to our beloved majesty for his selfless service to the people of Bhutan in our own simple way. We the students of Koneru Lakshmaih University and Acharya Nagurjuna University came together to mark the historic day. It all happened in a consistent and a systematic manner with full zest and vigorous amusement with the Marchang Ceremony and the hymning of our National Anthem followed by the singing of national Anthem of India. Later, student friends performed a few cultural programs costumed in our national attire which looked bright and dazzling as always.

Honorable Vice Chancellor of Acharya Nagarjuna Uinversity who graced the very significant occasion as a chief guest for the celebration joined hands with us to wish our Majesty a prosperous reign, a happy life in decades to come and wished well for the country’s  everlasting peace and prosperity. He exhibited his appraisal for the concept of Gross National Happiness that our country has been implementing to indicate the peace and the happiness of the people when world around does by measuring the gross domestic product. He lauded this concept which has its root embedded in our country by saying that this philosophy has spread worldwide and deliberated incessantly as many sees the pros of this noble policy in heaps. Well, these were some of the points that I could grab hold from the lengthy speech of the Vice Chancellor and I could do nothing more than just open my ears open since every words of him was worth of embracing. The other distinguished guests, who were mostly the high profile individuals  of the University were all amazed to see the people’s love for the country and their king as they verbally pointed out that they have no experience of such an enamor being brought up in a country which is governed by various democratic parties for ages and they just landed up appreciating what they saw in this very important day of Bhutanese people.

 Anything special and amusing that is full of entertainments just comes to an end in a very brief manner and that’s what exactly I would describe with the cultural programs since it entertained us to the fullest within a limited time. We then dispersed from the auditorium to the nearby canteen for the simple lunch which was to be followed by soccer match among the Bhutanese. Attractive prizes were kept for the winners to invigorate the match and give energy in the scorching bad heat of Andra Pradesh.  For the reason that my talent in playing soccer  in the ground is nil almost, I told my team mates that God has gifted me with a better managerial skills than playing in the field, though it was just a humour and an excuse for me to skip from  broiling in  the bad heat. When my team  mates played the soccer match, I cheered them up as I know how hard it is to play in the sunny daylight where mercury level soars abruptly high. Later, we went cycling around the spacious university campus sight viewing the greenery  and the academic blocks around. Subsequently, following the sunset, we were directed by the Bhutanese students of that university to the dinning hall for a  dinner and  then scattered ourselves to the  respective apartments with the promises of meeting again next year for the particular propitious and important day. Though, far away from homeland and missed the celebrations with other fellow citizens at home, we celebrated the day in a simple manner, but very beautifully and blissfully.

Losar celebration was another gratifying moment and celebrated the way we sharchops celebrate with variety of dishes and brews.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mistakes and Its Lessons!

Sentimentality is an absolute sign of cowardliness and the unforeseen repercussions of  our mistakes can either be due to the lack of a good practical judgement or the result of a slapdash decisions which scuppers us into the bewildering positions and stagnates our awaiting plans and routines from which the extrication becomes bit impossible. Off lately, I got nailed by such type of feelings after realizing that the prompt act of mine which was carried out without giving or analyzing its effect.

The upshots really haunted me causing a distraction in the peace of my mind for couple of days. I am now fully convinced that those decisions which lacked a sound scrutiny had its direct impact, which reprimanded me circuitously. Such type of incidents impart us with a good lesson and can usher us to a right direction in our future endeavors. People usually become cautious after getting whacked unexpectedly, but fall into the same earlier tracks soon after getting embroiled back into the busy schedule of our life.

Regimenting one’s thoughts and actions can be the primary and the most useful step and the maneuver to progress towards a goal. The recent incident that occurred with me has nothing to do with any of my works but really disturbed my mind from doing my daily scheduled tasks as the thoughts sparkling out after it made me restless and put me in the most uncomfortable and heart throbbing situation. It left me in the soars of the most awkward state with a feeling of excessive guilt.

It wouldn’t have happened in the way it did, if I were strong with my thoughts rather than taking the words of my friends and aligning with what they enounced. I ain’t supposed to blame my friends or anyone for that single distinct event as they wouldn’t have displayed any sorts of displeasure or annoyance if I stayed firm with my reasons. So, it is wrong on my part to dissemble for my own interest   because everybody shares the same emotions and no one would love to listen or hear the conniptions of others.

 If my reason was  grounded with a logic, it  could have  kept theirs at bay and it would have been  easy to turn a deaf ear to them and then act  accordingly with my own decision, but their silly and ineffectual justifications  overpowered my decision and I had to reluctantly listen to them though I was pretty much sure of it as an unethical act. Now, I can’t comment anything on what already happened as it is useless to point out and rue over the past errors because life must go on in a similar manner in days to come.

So even a slightest talk of mine to reiterate the funny and foolish acts of me and my friends will just be a kind of smattering gossip for we should have a feeling of hesitant and guilty conscience. Now, it is just a past incident and I was very much informed by my subconscious mind of its consequences as it was a mistake that I committed knowingly but without any bad intentions within my mind. The follow up of my decision and action was accompanied by the mental turmoil, causing a hindrance to the peace of my mind, which I suppose is the indirect way of a penalization and now I am the gladdest person for it got resolved in the way that I wished.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Try It Once!!!!!

Every time I mingle with my friends, we land up talking of their girlfriends, break ups and some even pitifully look down with dropping head as a stupid person who is considered as a junk by the girls.  I always try convincing them not to bemoan with what has happened by promptly concurring that God must have given him the chance to find the better one. Gossip is a sort of customary practice when host of friends assemble together. To those comrades of my category, we gaze each other with a grin smile on our faces. Some rue over their talents in impressing girls which always proved futile and the sole reason for them to be single. If only they possessed the talents like other guys they wouldn’t have nagged and complained about themselves not even taking into consideration that the majority of the girls are damn particular about physical appearance too….

When they hash out all these things, I pretend to act modest by listening to them appreciating their experiences of being in a relationship. Not all their stories say the sweetness of the tie with their loved ones and some even reveal the bitterness they borne and the disturbance and distraction to the peace of mind. God gives us whatever we need, but not the things that we want and it is a kind of a trend for the human mind to long for what we don’t possess. The deteriorating mind which surpasses the actual norms of our ordinary life demands many things which are actually not a necessity. The ones who haven’t been into relationship try hard to get it experienced, and the others who have already been into it look for the new one and continues the trend. The interesting point that I observed in this dramatic scenario is that, the ones who are left alone are those who have never been into the so called love and relationship. Perhaps, the  emotional intelligence  they own are too less pervasive which gets dissipated in the midway before reaching the targeted person or should they bewail of themselves for the lack of emotional intelligence and ability remains the big question mark in their dilapidated mind, keeping them in a most awkward predicament.

Words are to be spoken, and if kept inside will help in no way. Indeed it can be the most flattering accolade if I am to say that I deserve someone. The assertive part of my feelings is not who is going to adore me, but it is rather who is there to listen and think judiciously to my words if I start sharing with them my admiration and amicable unthreatening intuitive feelings. The sole reason for all of us to be here is to live and love. Prioritizing and stamping this in my mind, I therefore intended to exploit my emotions and publicize my feelings with sentimentality mind to turn it into an object of sentiment. However, I cannot fully guarantee the outcome to be always positive. The aftermath of my endeavor can possibly be nothing more than a pure rejection which I should take it without any resentment or cynicism. With all this, I suppose and reckon to myself that the downpour of my life can be uplifted gracefully. Now the only thing left for me is to be bold enough to take the things with great ebullience, act accordingly and TRY IT ONCE!!.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Enticing Vacation

Holidays are alluring only for first couple of days. Then it becomes the most tiresome and monotonous  routine which flavors you nothing. Even the normal schedule like preparing food to fill up our own tummy becomes a hardest task though necessary and unavoidable. Too much of slumbering makes us go fatigue and dull. Should I consider this vacation in particular as the worst in my life, or else something superior than this is awaiting me? I am pretty much sure that these kinds of baffling thoughts within me will help me in no way but just let me succumb. Vacations in the past was gratifying and fun as well. Reunion with my old buddies, going for trip, a bit of light boozing session and many blissful moments. Perhaps all those moments of joy that I had experienced in the past are too potent and influential for me to feel the present one vague. No one can make my days lively with full of zest and vigor without imparting my own earnest and conscientious activity which must be intended to do or accomplish something. The indolence ensuing the dislike of works can also be one genuine reason behind for ditching me into state of inactiveness which I should try to resolve personally.

Friends of indistinguishable characters will never pull our legs but at times helps in falling off. They just escalates and stretches the boredom unwittingly which is unobjectionable. I share an amicable and brotherly feelings with them and leaves me with no words to draw any accusation that are responsible for some lapses in our stay together. The facts concealed behind for failure to maintain higher level of spirits during vacation can either be due to our laziness and tentative plans or an extraneous matters. In earlier days, I used to spend the holidays in my native place with my closest and dear ones. Of course, it used to be an arduous one as we have to do hard labours in the farm right from the morning. Late winter season used to be the peak time for the farmers to cultivate their cash crops and it was the only time that we get to help our parents. Keeping in mind the pain they take in the scorching daylight and an unbearable degree of harsh summer season, I always tried to make a fruitful winter time by lending my  helping hands to  my parents. The days used to start before the dawn breaks till the time in the evening at which the sun begun to fall below the horizon. In the evening, it was a daily normal routine for the youngsters in the village to assemble together to fuddle up all night with the best local brews. The dusky night rode down the sky and ushered the morn followed by usual country life. Physically, the body used to become sturdy and strong in form inured by the physical work. Indeed, holidays used to come to an end in wink with all these amusements.

Life is far more better at present, but I do not feel the charm of it as of those bygone days and fear whether it will be worth of treasuring.  Now, I do not have to do the manual works in the farm like that in the past but still goes tired and feels exhausted for doing no work. Body gets strained due to the excessive quiescent and rue to see it turn into amoeboid. This can be the due to the change in the normal routine and schedule. Nocturnal life fluffs everything and too much of slumbering during  day time just invigorates it. Surfing internet whole night without break did made the holidays middlingly interesting and proved resilient as I could make lots of new friends with my countrymen as well as with others too.
All without specification, we are supposed to get adapted in any state of affairs be it in the times of merriments, dreadful situations and even during the normal everyday life. “When in Rome, do as a roman do” goes the adage and this must be a vital fact of experience for everyone of us. Possibly, I am having this firsthand knowledge of states, situations, emotions or sensations solely because of my own self attributes not in conform with the surroundings around me. Well!!! People usually see the grass greener on other side of the lawn which is delusive in actuality, thus I now couldn’t fully presume this vacation as the worst of all and happy for the way I spent it. JJJ

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Reminiscence Of My EarlyDays

As a child and being the youngest of five boys from the family, I spent lots of my time with my parents and developed the closest, unbounded intimacy and dearest and valuable relationship with my beloved parents which is indeed worth of cherishing. Reminiscing the puerility days of my life, I see myself as one of the  special person in my vicinage, the one who actually knew what it is like to have all the attention  and the endearment from all the family members.  Perhaps some people might have looked at me as a bit naughty boy in the village for the trait of indulging in disreputable pranks along with my friends. I participated in almost all the activities that were indeed a kind of nuisance to the elderly people of my village.
Grouping with my friends, we often bullied and acted bossy with other children who were younger than us and never used to listen or resists the act of our elders. Being immature, all I thought was just for the momentary pleasure and acting like a clown or buffoon gave the charm and invigorated the feelings and the notion of superiority. The attitude of surrendering for ones’ own fault wasn’t stamped in my mind.
I hated people who stereotyped me and my group as spoilt and naughty. Of course, I cannot blame those who perceived us in that way because our actions and doings were all in one way or other, a kind of disturbance to them. Since our village is very small with only 25 households and a fistful of people, anything we did simply drew the attention of the elderly people. The worst of all was that not a single act of ours was in favour of the community’s welfare, rather it made people to arouse aversion towards us. A vivid memory of my cognitive days strikes in my mind and getting reprimanded upon reaching home was almost a daily sub programme.
Now, when I think of my present status and compare with the past, I feel guilty for creating and evoking chaos in a peaceable hamlet. I try my best at everything that I do and I want to make something of my life. I do not see myself socially incorrect in behaviour because everything that I did was all impeccant and purely unwitting. It was just the age and era which guided me into such unethical disciplines. I genuinely believe in self refinement and hope to accomplish my desire as time passes by.   After catching the glimpse of my brief childhood account, something might strike your mind…….so please feel free to share your opinion and suggestions because my inkling mind still keeps on saying that, still there is lots of room for the betterment.  Childhood moments are something that always baffled my thoughts and even today I don’t  exactly remember as why I enormously loved to do the things that we were not supposed to do.

First N The Final Walk

As usual, I opened my FB account. Curious to see whether there are any notifications, messages or request. Luckily there was one request –a friend request from a girl. Very excited to see who she was, I accepted her request instantly. Coincidently, she was online and I started to chat with her then and there. Exchange of greetings and brief introductions from both, astonishingly we were somehow chatting from the same vicinity and studying in the same college. I was flabbergasted to know that she was also in the same college because I didn’t remember seeing her in the college though she had seen me many a times. Perhaps, God must have impaired me till that time from seeing the angel or it could be with other reason i.e, seniors usually don’t recognize their juniors in the college and it is an established fact. Our chitchat prolonged almost for hours and in between, I could assemble braveness and asked her cell number and was successful in getting her number. I am guy who doesn’t possess an instinct to impress girls and since I am very direct and precise with my thoughts and action, only few numbers of girls know me very well and personally.
The very first time of our meeting in the chat, I requested for a friendly walk. She was so wise enough and didn’t turn down to my request. Mind it guys!!!the very next day, I was with a girl going for an evening walk for the first time and words cannot describe that blissful moment. I don’t know how she felt but to me it was an interesting moment of my college days though I had to gather lots of courage to get that experienced. We talked as if  like, we had met before and she too was so open and jolly that made the walk more lively and zesty. We hardly met in the college since we were in different departments but used to meet through call almost every day.
Days and months passed by without seeing her but we were always connected by cellular phone . In the beginning, there was simply nothing extraordinary about our conversations. But then again, I looked beyond that and recognized her warm and decent personality and that her angelic and jovial smile enthralled me ,captivating my heart.
I started adoring her and there was only one thing I can and must do. i.e., I got to let her know how I feel. I have to do since that could be the start of a wonderful tie or at least that’s what I thought even if she wasn’t that responsive. Gradually, friends of mine came to know about my feelings toward her and kept on boosting me with some positive suggestions and insisted me to approach her. Seconds after I  thought and analyzed the words of my friends, I felt like I have become lame. So doing what they said was totally beyond my vivid mental image.  Listening to their words, some people may easily get boosted and react, but I always tried to calm myself  because I never could imagine the consequences if  I were to follow and act according to their words. Those were the happiest times of my days at Shercol.
Life for me was celestial. She was almost the perfect girl I had dreamt about before. How should I describe myself ?People usually find me serious but timid who would never dare to give damn to girls because of my shyness……but I think there is no men here in the world who is a misogynists lol.  Her soft, soothing and distinctive voice would just relegate my boredom and carve my day with amusement. We frequently quibbled over the useless matters and in other times we talked about good things too. Life is veritably a Shangri-la  to undergo through different phases and these times with her went on for almost two semesters. But then, an unavoidable event occurred. My sparring partner started to act differently, became unresponsive and her pleasantly optimistic disposition diminished  slowly. “What the hell is up with her”? I babbled myself.
As time dashed ahead, she stopped receiving my phone calls and her outgoing call  towards me was totally barred. It is disheartening to see an enjoyable moments being ended abruptly but it is worth to be cherished as it was “The first and the final walk” for me……
Even today, when I think of  her, something uncomfortably keeps on striking  my mind which is perplexing  on and on. Feels like a precious thing had been snatched away from me… …………