Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Random Post

Boys never say No to anything. Is this true in reality? I'm little bit flummoxed as to how I should express myself. For all these year, I have been affirmative and bit stringent in replying and dealing with the situation. At times, I say Yes! deliberately, knowing the truth behind the whole story. While with my friends and acquaintances, I might have been rowdier than any other guy. There are classes of guys whom people especially girls needs to know in depth. 

Some guys are so harsh with their mates, but surprisingly , they tend to be the most modest and decent gentleman infront of girls. Some go wiser with age, but I have come across lots of people who are considerably increasing the infidelity rate nowadays. No point to blame them, God gifted everyone with the super power to live and work on their own. It is shame on their part to  fool someone of their race. 

People get hurt and so do I. In fact, the sentimentality within me makes me to go to the furthest point where my emotion goes out of my control. Tears roll out of my eyes which describes mixed feelings of my life. At times, the dejected heart forces me to fuddle up whole night with consequent fever and hangover. The worst of all, we get severely injured just because we are too much into negative traits. Life is not fair, but I must say life is same for everyone, we get the same hangover even if we drink out of enjoyment. 

Friends are so adamant in their objection to say yes with us, but they are ever ready to change their mind for girls. In many ways, girls are like pearls. Some people misuse it with wrong intent. It is heartbreaking to read  girls being physically molested by taking advantage of their innocence and this hunts me for days. When I say, Men will be Men, there are good ways of proving the true potential within us.Good intentions are not enough in the real world. All we have to do is be practical and adhere to the basic norms of life.

The descent of humanity has created a fear among  people. Trust has faded within the people and they are severely questioned by the injustice and the ragging human mind. Human minds are susceptible to criticism , persuasion and more to temptations. Some are disadvantageously sidelined considering their inferiority. The distance from head to toe may vary literally in real. The earth would have been a better place if the state of extreme confusion and disorder was not at all in the people's mind.