Monday, 13 August 2012

Blissful Amicable Friendship

Precision and accuracy are the dual words mandatory for the perfection of anything. A slight inadequacy results in some errors or imperfection. It will  be the heaviest and the most toughest undertaking to find the two together. Likewise, we are ought to find only few perfect people out of millions, the cause behind why we  are together apparently. To reach the degree of perfection, I strongly believe in purest form of the human mind free from  all despicable thoughts and actions. To be frank, I would love to confess that I am a physically aggressive, an imperfect, an arrogant, ill-tempered and erroneously packed with all unwanted stuffs that makes an incomplete me. Just like any other person, I too love mingling with friends and make a best time out of nothing. I have learned how to accept and give out the things with great exuberance. Anything can happen to us and to accept wholeheartedly makes some sense. We can't get hurt just over silly matters and remain pissed off for most the time. If we do so, we are the ones who will get reprimanded with a regretful and disgustful aroma of our life.

Birds of same feather flock together, so do the humans. Personally, I feel it as the greatest delectation and enjoyment to have a friend of similar character and attitude. Of course, acquaintances around are limitless, but friends are the ones with whom we share our joys, laughter and emotions. I feel comfortable to see red with my friends than pretending to be docile or gentle with strangers. In many ways, I and my friends bear lots of resemblances which makes our bond stronger than all kinds of bonds that we studied in chemistry. The most appreciable point with the present mates is that, some section of friends are totally a teetotaler, pure vegetarian while others are just the opposite. Still, they possess the courteous act to be together all the time. Our boozy drunk companions are well taken care by other section of friends which makes our gathering a memorial and a grand one. Some are careless, but we accept it keeping in mind that carelessness is the most prominent character of a growing age.

After limitless pouring of liquor beyond my drinking capacity(Don't mistake me with an alcoholic for it happens once in a while), I land up performing funny acts. I observed a similar behaviour in all my partners. They easily get hurt, argue, nonetheless it takes a second to compromise and sort it out as it is entirely the intoxicant ruling them. Majority of them (including myself) turns emotionally weak and reaches the extreme of shedding tears unnecessarily. However, this is not an important point  to be focused because we laugh, weep, roar, dance, crack jokes and talk over serious issues exclusively for the ground that the party is all ours and we have the right to do anything. For so many reasons, I feel extremely indebted and blessed to have scary friends around. You all are not an insane but a lovable sane.

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