Saturday, 18 January 2014

Timid Heart-Destined To Be A Loner.

Karma was born and nurtured in a beautiful hamlet of eastern Bhutan. Caused to be born as the youngest in the boy's family, he was treated with an excessive favour. Privileged to be the luckiest and the most pampered of the family, he grew up as a village urchin. Being brought up in a big boy's family with four other elder brothers, he enjoyed everything including the emotional help from his elders. He was the mischievous lad of the small village. He frequently troubled his neighbors and the caretaker of the Temple. 

Associating with his only friend of same age Dorji, they made up the perfect match in doing anything what people thought as an inconceivable pranks. They had an intimate bonding of good friendship which kept them together throughout their childhood days till high school. It was only after 9th grade that they had to separate as Karma left the prestigious school owing to some unfavorable circumstances. Though apart from one another and miles away, they were in touch through letters.

The act of departure is often seen more than a melodramatic action. Going away from the dear ones set up an emotional infliction. At home, they relished unconstrained liberty and freedom to lavish upon. Life for Karma was no longer same. He was ought to be a changed person in the new environment. People around were just his acquaintances. Such a situation obliged him to be mentally fit in the new atmosphere. 

It took no time for him to adjust and adapt. Getting out of rustic life posed a challenged to him. Of all, he was barred from doing all sorts of pranks. He got drenched thinking of the his ludicrous act which gave him the nostalgic vibe. Befriended few of the classmates and soon became good friends. During leisure time, friends talked about the girls of their school. Such talks didn't bring any sense of curiosity to him, not even to a slightest point. So did his friends show little interest in talking about the topic to him.

Even in the class, he was so silent. He never uttered a word unless someone came to him and talked to him. To be precise, he was a fainthearted guy and had no quality to stand out confident and distinctive infront of new classmates. He blushed when his girl mates greeted him. That probably described the difference between the children who are brought up in the town and rural areas. Undeniably, it was one of the stumbling blocks of growing up in a family with whole bunch of boys. .

It is something strange and surprising to see sudden change from being the boldest and naughtiest to a quiet  timid guy. He was the heart throb of many girls in his new school. Few had the audacity to express their feelings via his friends. As always, he never reacted,  which made the girls feel pessimistic. He lacked conviction, boldness,courage and remained as a loner forever.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Trip To A Dreamland.

I felt so strangled that I yearned for free fall under the influence of nothing. Just as I coveted., I saw myself in the air freely flowing in the mercy of wind direction  Excessively filled with emotions and delightful feeling, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Just in the span of few mins, I could travel thousands of miles, revisited places and explored new ones. At one particular instance, I flew over a place where lots of beautiful  girls were gearing up for the class. 

The place without possibility of mistake seemed familiar to my eyes. I had to run way back my narrow buffer memory way to check out if it is the same place which I visited before, but couldn't sort it out. Seeing those girls readying with books in their hands, I concluded the place to be a college. The place was well structured with buildings constructed with brick masonry. It appeared like a model college with an implausible outlook and appearance.

I remained suspended in the air as if in defiance of gravity and starred at the girls with my eyes fixed. Far from the corner of the corridor, came a girl which fixated my attention only to her out of many. She was tall, fair and ravishing. Just couldn't describe the excessive beauty and elegance she possessed. Her resemblance to the Goddess in classical mythology usually depicted as a beautiful maiden was just uncanny.

She soon disappeared into one of the classrooms and vanished out of my sight. The state of supreme happiness persisted within me for quite a time. I could no longer wait for her to return from the class as the sky above me got blanketed with thick clouds and boisterous wind. I just managed to fly over some other place just before I got soaked in the heavy downpour. 

As I was about to revert and retrospect that very moment which was greatly pleasuring, my roommate banged on my door and woke me up. Immediately reached to my watch to see that it was half past eight.  For so long, I was dreaming and that euphoric feeling stretched my facial muscles . I was in the world of fantasy for quite a long time. Realized that it was a dream and a moment of joy.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Gossip With My Room mate.

It is not only the girls who gossip, we boys often talk over silly as well as important issues. I had a chitchat with my room mate yesterday. We talked about the unveiling of the authenticated FIFA at Changlimithang to the developments in and around Thimphu and lot more. He touched upon the job opportunities for the graduates and asked me if I had anything to say on it as I was at home for vacation. 

To be frank, I ain't aware of the total intake announced by the RCSE, but heard there is only one slot for computer science which I shared with him. He remained silent and his eyes clearly reflected  a bit of concerns. He asked me the scopes in private sector which I had to say no as I really don't know the real opportunities in privates and corporations. 

I too felt the weight on my shoulder when he came up with the talk on employment opportunities. As a student, to pin down infront of the books is the most monotonous and a heavy task. Some subjects make us to catch some Z's and rest are encrypted which we simply give up. Yet every student aspires to be in organisation, whereby young talents are considered and employed with great pride. 

Being a student myself, I do wish of working in a dynamic organisation. When we are students right now, we complain of this trifling student life which we gonna miss it forever after few years from now. People say working life isn't charming and amusing as college life, but I take it as a step ahead in ones life.  

Everyone is concerned because of the staggering number of students graduating every year. The limited seats available in the job market has left the graduates idle for years. Our government has adopted various ways to resolve the unemployment issues, which is laudable and worth of million dollar appreciation.

We can fathom the challenges faced by our country with growing population. If only we had multinational companies, the problem could be solved. For the least, it would be beneficial if our private sectors were well established which can lessen the burden.

On other hand, there are reasons for us to smile graciously for being born in the country like a paradise. Everyone lives with utmost happiness, joy and I assume this is what people are actually born for. We never realize the importance of education and remain less pragmatic until we reach the job market where competition is very tough.

Imagine what would be running in the minds of those pursuing Computer Science when the government slots hardly exceeds five. Similarly, thousands of graduates sit for civil service examination for about some three hundred vacancies.

I can foresee the stiff competition that I must face it boldly. The ever changing scenario has contemplated people to think vaguely. People often feel the goose bump all over the body with a fear of remaining jobless. At our level as a young and jubilant heart, everyone has to be innovative and inquisitive in our own ways.

We should rather feel cheerful and thankful to the government for their touch on to the youths. No one should feel dejected with the current state of job market for we firmly believe every problem is solvable in one or other ways. Just like they don't want anyone of us to be left idle, we should also work on our own to help them resolve the unemployment issues was what my friend uttered which was worth taking in.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Welcome 2014

It has been almost a month or two that I haven't opened my blog and updated it. I was away from my college on a month long vacation which was refreshing. Getting together with family, friends and the closed ones imparted me with the vitality and energy for upcoming semester.

I welcome new year with new plans, dreams and most importantly with prayers and good wishes to all the people around. I got no resolutions this time too since finding a solution to my resolution has always been a problem. Even if I had any, I wouldn't have lived up to my words like many other people.

Who knows, 2014 may be an adventurous and tripping year for me. People might have celebrated the special evening with their loved ones and friends around the bonfire or in party halls and at home with heavy brands of liquor and fireworks.For the last few days, I made trips to many new places and eventually reached where I sojourn. 

Celebrated the new year's eve in a different manner. I saw myself in the train heading for my college. All I heard was the rattling sound of wheel and whistling of train which woke me up time and again. The chill midnight wind blowing through the spaces between the shutter and the window frame of the train kept me awake until morning.

I toured the nearby compartments and bogies to see if anyone was awake to greet upon the arrival of 2014. I just saw people catching a sound sleep,  curled up under the blanket. Surely, they might have had the mind to celebrate in different way than snoring if it was at home. The day long journey fagged them out to the point of exhaustion putting them into a deep sleep.

It was totally a different experience for me and a unique way of welcoming new year with loud honking and rattling sound of train wheel against the rail track. People often say that if we drink during the new year's eve, we land up drinking through out the year or quite often. If it is the case, I should see year with full of tripping memories and excitements.

Happy New Year