Thursday, 9 October 2014

Life as we live(my thoughts)

Some of the most exciting moments of life are yet to come for many of us. Everyday is a big surprise and we live in between the swings of real life which is never same even for a bit . Living the most satisfied life is what all of us yearn for. The fact that people are of various stature can wholly be the result of their luck, hardwork, careful planning and fate. We lead our life in the mercy of fate, but I do feel that our fate is something that results out of our action and thus in our hands.

Actions and decisions do influence our life style. Gratified life is what we dream of and that can be seen through the smiles and happiness in ones mind. People travail hard and sweat while undertaking any endeavor. In this way, we can’t just consider the comfy life of people be due to their fate, luck or accident. If we take time to know in depth about the most successful man, we may have to have enough time to listen to his failure stories and darkest period of his life which can be so intriguing, but inspiring as well.

Money is not everything is proved wrong these days. In today’s world, money has become everything. Face gleams when our bank account and wallet is loaded. If it wasn't for money or its need in daily life, people wouldn't have become that dynamic and greedy as well. Nothing comes in an easy way, the bumps in the journey of our life is something we must consider as the routine. The good outcome gives us satisfaction and happiness for the efforts that we put.

The quest for peace is taken up only by few who realizes the established facts of impermanence of life. Rest are all kept captive by the worldly matters from which quite a few make out of the snarl. In between, some gets derailed out of the path ,confused and entwined by the perplexity. People may be differentiated by their qualification, status, wealth and many more, but mustn't forget the grave we all share together. Rich are equally preponderated by mental stress, fear and anxieties.

On contrary, homeless straying in streets won’t be cared or eyed by anyone. If we take time and listen to them, we may get amazed to see him leading the most contented life. At the end, happiness is all we desire throughout and those with happy heart can be aptly called as the heroes for learning how to smile even in worst times. At the end of the day, we should learn to take in what is best for us and have affirmative mindset for the better tomorrow. Life is more than the pursuance of reputation and the good deeds that we derive from our act will be the source of happiness.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Last Night's Dream

Last night, I had a dream. Normally, my dreams will be vague and not that clear. I let it go as people say it could be due to the unfulfilled desire embedded deep within our subconscious mind. It was a distinctive one and I could wholly retrieve it in the morning. It sure had a clarity in it and surprised me as it is the first of a kind happening with me. That excited me to jot it down and keep it in my dairy which I can reread later. 

Two people were brawling and their heated up argument disordered my sound sleep. They were pointing fingers to each other and were desperately trying to find a fault in other. What might have run down my mind to dream of something that wasn’t at all relevant to my days activities. At times, we dream exactly about the incident that occurred during day time. This was utterly a useless dream which kept me in half sleep. 

Among the two, one face was familiar to me. The two were trying to prove each other wrong and I struggled in my sleep to keep them cool. The situation compelled me to involve, but with an intention to resolve it peacefully. I boldly intervened and politely took my time to listen to their say. I haven’t seen anyone not capable of sin in my life, so I explained them about the imperfectness. 

As I listened to them, I came to know that they share the same apartment in Thimphu as the rent is achingly high. It so happened that the man whom I found the face familiar mopped the floor using a shirt which happened to be the shirt of his house mate. The other person was frustrated with what his house mate has done. The incident has made him go red and has approached him to come up with a reason for doing so. 

He was furious to find his shirt used as a mop. It may be of inferior quality, but using as a mop is totally an insane act unless the culprit is blind and brainless was his emphatic talk infront of me. He agreed to have approached to the guy with violent anger which triggered and infuriated the moper. Moper totally disagreed and complained about the ego the other person is carrying. 

The shirt owner readily agreed to accusation and harshly asked the moper to wash his shirt. I was in between them, acting vigilant and concerned. My presence there was worth of it as I could atleast stop them brawling like in the beginning. I expected the moper to wash it and return to the owner, but it was utterly surprising to hear a big No from him. He stressed the ego word again to which other person had more to say if he things he is ego free guy. 

The deeply agitated person says that if it was not the ego of moper, he wouldn’t have experienced a night in the detention center which he won’t forget throughout his life. Seems like they both experienced a night in the police station after the moper had a dispute with their neighbor. The other one was taken as a witness, but had to halt a night in a pathetic and malodorous room in the station. He was the one to use the shirt and come with vehement denial of washing the shirt. Someone who does the wrong and commits mistakes infront of others, but never accepts his wrong doings.  

That was very much confusing as a mediator. I was relieved that my friend woke me up at the right time by banging my door as it was already lunchtime. I am still confused whether to say the moper or the other as the egoistic person. I still lack the sound judgement. The fact that shirt owner accepted himself as the most egoistic person could be his purposeful way of ending their dispute which I believe is a fair decision. Just wondering what could have been their reaction if the whole story was in other way.