Thursday, 26 September 2013


I was totally flabbergasted when one of my friends reminded about my natal day to the fellow mates in the class. Gosh, I was so sure and confident that they won't remember it and I was wrong. They even knew the exact date and the worst of all, they are expecting a grand celebration. I tried not to give a heed on it and attempted to divert the topic only to go in vain. Everyone seemed to be excitedly waiting to celebrate my birthday to which I showed no sign of positivity. No one is at my back to support me this time. They all want my birthday treat by any means. Despite the money constraints, they want me to blow a huge party. I heartily laughed, as if I was taking heed of their words, except in jest. 

September days has gone too far with just a week left to gladly accept the fresh October month. I am yet to think of whether I should take their words and celebrate my birthday which I normally don't. They try to remind me almost every day with a heavy smile in their mouth. Ofcourse, I know why they are prompting persistently this time unlike the previous years. My silence will deject my friends because they are going to miss the anniversary celebration of my 25 years of stay which will never come back in future. 

They are like, how can one simply keep mum when it is time to be in the euphoric mood. I asked jokingly if they would turn up to my birthday party with sizable gifts and all roar into laughter. So, I said I will also laugh if someone reminds me thereafter. This is once in a life time opportunity to make it a memorable moment, avers a friend sitting behind me and all are there to agree with him. Another guy says, Silver Jubilee celebration, Wow!! I am expecting it to be the number one contender for the party of the year contest. Everybody tries to add on what has already been fermented, leaving me in the state where unsnarling is almost impossible. 

A friend came up with a list of dishes indited on a paper. They believe, any party or gathering without liquor will be a bland one, hinting me to buy Royal Stag liquor which is preferred over all other of same rate. It will be quite difficult to please them with the amount that I have in my ATM card. We sail in the same boat, so I know they won't take it as a feeble excuse. As of now, let me mute myself and act pretentiously clueless as if I have forgotten my birthday which I should competently term as Silver Jubilee- 25 years of prosperous stay.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Adaptability and Flexibility

Adaptability, the ability to change in order to conform to the varied circumstances. It is something which has to be correlated with physical environment and bodily action. For instance, long legged spotted cat Cheetah is the fastest predator because they feed on herbivores like Deer and Reindeer who has the pace which can be appreciated. The quest for survival is to be the fastest runner and surpass the pace of Deer. How does it survive? Precisely by being fast, active and responsive. Similarly, Giraffes’ unusually long neck is also connected with adaptability and survival. It lives a vegetarian life in perfect harmony with the environment, feeding on tweaks of trees not on the green grasses.

Human beings are also of varied colors and aborigines to fit in our own locality or region. The ones dwelling in hot places are generally dark and fairer as we go ascend to the north. The good part in us is we have that adaptable attribute which makes us a step ahead of other beings and the only reason why people are seen in numberless acres of lands throughout the world. Adaptability comes along with flexibility. We get adapted to the new place only due to our flexible personality and some harsh bearings. Had it not been the attitude and positive mind set, we will surely strive to be in line with the people and the new environment. Flexibility overturns the disagreeable, unpleasant situations and circumstances in a more profound way. To adapt or conform oneself to a new or different environment happens in a wink, but understanding the people and the society’s norm and culture requires mental effort to accomplish and endure.

 People are there to comment and sputter if a stranger does something related to their culture in someone’s place. There is no place better than home and a slightest of mistreatment from the locals makes our mind filled with agony and frustration. Only our own native place gives us the warmth and relentless happiness. The feeling of emptiness makes us miss home and the people. Even though, we get adapted to a new place, we still live up with the vivid memories of times spent together with the closed ones.  The water may be so clean and clear, but you still wish to sip tea made from the fresh spring water of your place. It is something to do with untamed human mind which always makes us to long for something that we don’t have with us. Suppose if we are flexible and easily adaptable to any environment, that doesn’t mean we can live up in any society.

If flexibility is something to do with psychology and adaptability with physicality, what would be the possible outcome of our stay in foreign places. Though, far away from home, we are still who we are and nothing strikes in my mind that makes me Unbhutanese. Adhering to the basic norms of the society is must and a mandate to be followed, but people try to cast a shadow whereby every step we take is marked and questioned. The flexibility, which helps us to adhere in the new society gets a huge whack when people around gets the fingers pointing to the temporary occupants. Therefore, people are forced to become rigid and bold, ready to get their feet firm on the ground. Such audacious steps are taken either deliberately, considering the situations around. Human attitude depends on the people around not the environment or the ambience that they breathe. 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Hysteric moment.

Anything can happen anytime and that's something no one can foresee. Who knows what will come next. I am not sure of what I am going to write today because, nothing comes in my head other than the haunting moment that I experienced three days ago while playing basketball. The past one week was little bit busy with internal exams and project review. At times, it is good to stay engaged and busy as we never know how time passes. Trying to live up with the present, we go hmm thinking of the past moments. On certain occasions, things in life make us to sit back and just smile reminiscing those bygone moments. 

While trying to live up in the present, we get to experience many new things. 16th September wasn't a good day for me. Exams and other college activities are the true vasoconstrictor for the collegians. It makes one go fatigue to the point of mental exhaustion. I experienced the same for being busy with books and doing internal exam which constitute 40% of the total mark.  As usual, I thought to stretch out myself by playing basketball with my friends. Everyone was excited to get back into the basketball court.

Tired faces of lads around me just hinted me that they have strained a lot with sleepless nights hitting the books. I wasn’t feeling that energetic with mild headache and giddiness. I just wanted to play with a mild headache which I took it easy as always. As I tried to actively take part in the game, I could no longer stand firm on my feet. I remembered nothing except the time that I bowed down to take rest. When I got back to the sense after a minute or so, friends were surrounding me as if they have seen an alien. I simply tried to stand on my feet despite the fact that I had badly injured my right shoulder with a bruise on my right cheek.

I had a total black out for a few minutes which I didn’t cognize. This incident is the first of such kind that I experienced during the entire two and half decades of my life.  For now I can just cast away the incident from my memory and be cautious and mindful in my everyday life, keeping in mind the purpose of my presence here. We will never exist indefinitely for long duration in this earth, but we are bestowed with the choice to live every minute euphorically. I am glad to have the best moments of my life with the wonderful people around me. Feels extraordinarily rejuvenated to stay with the lads who make me feel more youthful of my age. In the mercy of God, I stay calm and happy for allowing me to breathe the bracing air.


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Chilip The Hero.

Chilip is a newfangled name for Rinchen Gara [an abbreviated form of chilingpa meaning foreigner in sharchop]. He is a chink wearing a powerful thick glass who always stays naked in his room and a friend of mine. Highly regarded as a psychopathic person by all his friends, he cares no one and bluntly speaks out hilariously. For all three years, he has been wearing his one and only favourite cotton pant while going to the college. If you are a newcomer to his room, it is mandatory to shout and inform him of your presence in his room for he stays naked in his room that too without latching the main door. He sleeps wearing the pant so that he can directly get ready right after waking up.

One should be mindful of his nature and alarm him so that he can atleast wrap himself with a towel or a bed sheet. I say so because, I know how he stays in his room. In the beginning, I wasn’t aware of it and silently sneaked into his room only to see him in the state that I didn’t want to see. I shouted and warned him that I will say nothing if I happen to see him next time like I saw him that day and to crush his balls. That was the genuine warning he should take it seriously if he is to live as a man. Well the option for him is to cover his private part or to live a sterile life for the rest of the life. No one likes to catch anything like that as we consider it as a sinister blow or a bad luck.  

He will always have something to say and friends are there to make comments on it. No one believes to his words though he mean it from his heart. Last time, I saw him flirting in facebook with one of our class mate girls and was writing to keep the door open for him. Suppose if it was some other guy, the girl would start fuming. This wasn’t the case with MR. Chilip. She  equally cracked a joke and was even accepting the proposal. Feels like I am revealing everything about him in this write up, but I want to inform you all that I am doing so only with his consent and prior permission. After staying together for almost three years, I know him very well as a person. He is one person who evokes emotions, laughter and happiness. The feeling of boredom due to the hectic college routine gets wiped away while staying with him.

Being a sojourner in one of the hottest places 1000s of miles away from home, highlanders are made to sweat out excessively even when doing nothing. The worst of all, almost all are affected with skin infection. Our entertainer is also undergoing a treatment for this  and not to forget that I am the worst and severely infected poor chap. Dermatologist advised us not to wear skin tight or rough clothes. Since then, Mr. Chilip popularly known as Rinchen Gara stopped wearing underclothes. Imagine what would be the reaction of people if they see him with his pant zip open. It will be an embarrassing moment both for him and the luckless people spotting it.
                                                With chilingpa.
Of all, he is the coolest guy that I have ever met and I have been yet to see of his type. It is hard and a rare chance to see him aroused into impatience or anger. Friends call him by the name psycho just for his radically distinctive behavior and he is seen accepting it with a heavy smile. As a matter of fact, everyone is distinctive and unique in their own way and I don’t see anything that makes him a psychopathic person. Perhaps, he may have something to add on to what I am saying as I am always at his back supporting him firmly. Feeling lucky to have him as  a friend and for what he is.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

New Home

After much in depth and thoroughgoing discussion with my room mates, we eventually decided to change our apartment. This is the fourth time that we are shifting our room. Planning ahead months before ensured a smooth transition from one home to another. The previous apartments were some 5kms away from my college. It barely took 10 minutes to reach college. Even then, we often missed the morning classes. National highway connecting Chennia and Kolkatta is few yards away and horns of vehicles keeps honking 24 hours. The buzzing sound of vehicles disturbed the peace of mind and sometimes even woke me up in the middle of night. Window panes used to vibrate when heavy lorries plied through.

The present apartment is 22 kms far and takes 45minutes to reach college if we go by auto. Talked with local taxi drivers about the possible fare and it is unusually expensive. So hiring a taxi is simply impossible as they charge hefty amount which is double of the actual fare. Transportation isn’t a big issue with lots of vehicles plying day and night. At times when luck kicks out, even private cars stops and drops us to our college gate. The indefinite hunger strike in Andhra Pradesh and stopping the services of city buses has hampered the travelers to a little extent. Otherwise, people enjoy the cheapest and convenient mode of transportation by taking the city buses.

I can proudly say that I turned to a early riser. Daily routine got rescheduled and no more idle like I used to be. Unlike before, I see myself in the college in time.The present apartment is a massive building block housing hundreds of tenants. The rooms are exceptionally superb and equipped with the latest interior designs. There is no question of being unhealthful because it is well equipped with recreational facilities like basketball court, swimming pool, Table Tennis , Badminton court, lawn Tennis, gym and a snooker room. Tenants have to pay a membership fee get access to all these facilities. The sad story of all is that, I can’t get into swimming pool because of my photosensitive rashes. However,  still lots of other options are available to keep myself engaged.
                                          snap shot of the new apartment. 
The premise is well protected with high wall and mesh wires. Shops are available within the campus. Vegetable vendors comes into the campus on Sundays and Thursdays. Almost everything is systematic and well organized.  In old apartments, I used to laze all day on the bed, but now, I have improved a lot both in stamina and fitness. I try to sweat out lot by going to gym and showing up for basketball match. For now, I am living with a changed and improved rescheduled routine which is amusive. This gives me the vibe of my days at school where we used to spent time playing games right after the school. Feels like I am experiencing the student life all over again after many years..

Monday, 26 August 2013

Letter To A Former Lover

Love, life and disintegration of relationship are key components that makes the ups and downs in ones life. A true love is something which can’t be represented in words particularly with sharpness, because everything is powered automatically than manually. The overall circumstances and conditions in life are all out of blue. The pursuit of love in our life is an unceasing task. In the face of fate, we can’t really go with what is planned and living up to our own expectation is out of question.

The search for an alternative to meet an exceptional criteria may lead to the wrong track. The assurance and promises made are often broken out of frustration and agitation. Eloquent tongue is all what boys need to entice our lady friends and it can be other way. Being in the relationship for the two years seemed like decades because I never got the vigorous charm and amusement that I actually expected from it and this will remain as bafflement that cannot be explained. This will surely be the death end of our love life and the following written material is the final piece that I forwarded to her.

If we're meant to be together, nobody can keep as apart. It has been almost two years that we have been dating and I have no idea whether I pleased you during the entire period of our togetherness. What I assumed is that you're mentally disturbed at numerous occasion. Of course, I could have acted and adopted to deceive you and then simply let you go your own way just like what most of  the boys do. This kind of instinct never ran in my mind as I am not someone who really likes to hurt someone who loved me.  

Though you lately realized that I was not the Mr.Perfect for you, I must say that everything just happened at the right time which I believe  as God's grace. Thank you very much for loving me, but yeah never know whether it was a true love or a mere infatuation. It was not me but your destiny which let you to experience the low points of  your life by being in relation with me.  This was a good way  to teach you the lesson that you will never learn in any other way.

It was a striking news to know that you have started seeing a humble man(as you stated), but the very fact that you are happy with him gave me some relief and an emotion of great happiness. I pretended to be so rude which was actually a facade intended for your benefit. I didn't see anything like bright future for us if you’re to stay with me and I have many reasons to take this in earnest.

 At first, you're a working woman where as I am still a student sweating hard with studies. I have lots of restrictions apart from just getting the graduation. I have no jurisdiction over your life and you have gone far ahead of me in many ways. I am feeling optimistic about my future though it is going to take quite a time. In many ways, you were simply out of my reach and felt blessed for getting chance to date with you.

It could have been a better and happy ending if you informed me prior to taking the decision. When heart is full, words get  suppressed, still I would say your way of moving on came to me as a surprise and little bit coarse. I was right on my part not to trust you fully which keeps me normal. I pray for your successful life  and expect and wish him to be your only one and chosen Mr.Perfect. 

I was little bit overly diluted to be in the relationship which disturbed the peace of my mind. There are many reasons behind this, but I just took the slapdash decision with the hope of making you a happier person. Therefore, I sincerely say that it was relieving news to hear that you’ve have finally started seeing someone and I expect u to be happy and cheerful all time.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Select The Best College.

Those altruistic parents who wants to sent their children for studies across India must be in a state of bafflement, not able to make up their mind. Colleges are plenty in India and even the worst college will have something to show to attract international students. I ain't sure how far our consultancies are well informed about the college that they are linked with. Consultancies should be well informed of the college infrastructure, academic caliber and other recreational  and sports facilities. It is simply impossible for consultancies to tour whole of the college across India and get the detailed information of the college, but they do pretend to know everything just for their own benefit. 

In many occasion, students were given delusive information and misguided after reaching college. Tempting advertisements reflected on the brochures and pamphlets are mostly fake and deceptive. It so happened that, I along with my friends went around our college campus in search of the building which is set as the background in our student Identity card. We couldn't spot the building in the entire college campus and doubted the one building which was under construction slumped in  marshy area.

At that very moment, I realized the need of an intelligent suggestions from the already admitted students rather than blindly believing someone who is an untrustworthy person. Those amicable friends who wishes to join colleges in India must try to get the true information from the students and shouldn't forget to enquire the climate as this has been the major problem for all Bhutanese students in hot places like Andhra Pradesh,Vijayawada where dank weather  had tormented almost the entire fellow mates with health related issues. 

Friends in other colleges have their  own tale to share with us. Prior to their admission to the college, they're informed of the facilities which included AC room, swimming pool and many more which wasn't there in reality. Who to blame? We become helpless to ourself once we're caged in the wrong place. So, I would urge my fellow mates who are wishing to pursue their undergrade to check out the college before considering the final decision which will just make you repent. 

Friday, 2 August 2013

My First Tiffin As Breakfast

For the past four days, my university remained closed due to the unforeseen circumstances. The whole Andhra Pradesh called for a state Bandh demanding a "United Andhra" after the Congress government announced the new Telangana state out of Andhra Pradesh state. With nothing much to do in my apartment, I lazed all day in my bed surfing net and playing online games. Even this started troubling me because every thing became a repetitious activity and the same mind-numbing schedule. 

In the class, we often talked about taking a tiffin to the college though no one was really characterized by the great determination to wake up early and cook to feed their tummy. By the evening of 2nd august, college announced  the rescheduled working days to make up with the lost working days and adjusted the wednesdays' timing on 3rd and thursday's on sunday. I was really longing for it as I was bored staying in the room literally idle. 

The previous night, I was fast asleep. I usually force myself to the bed as early as possible during working days so that I can get enough rest and be energetic in the class. Today, I woke up earlier than my usual timing and right away got into kitchen to prepare my lunch. I compacted the veg fried rice into a small square shaped container and geared up to leave for my college. As I descended through my apartment lift, someone came with the news that the college is off today too. To make sure of it, I enquired other college fellas for the confirmation. 

U-turned back to my room, flashed the news to my friend who was in the toilet. Took out my steaming pack lunch, turned the TV on to NDTV breakfast news and noisily chewed my tiffin as breakfast. I am certain that other buddies in my class will definitely get into the same habit of packing their own rather than torturing the tummy which is not at all good for oneself. After all , we eat to live and to maintain our health.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Prosperous July Month.

July month was little bit lazy, the sky blanketed with cloud ever ready to herald a heavy downpour. But, this was probably the best weather condition in Andhra Pradesh. The previous years, I don't remember of anything like this. It used to be dry all year round with extreme heat and humidity. Despite being a coastal region, it hardly rained which remained as a big question mark. 

The famous Krishna river which I used to plot randomly during my geography exam is just a few kilometers from my college. It remains dry most of the time and sometimes without any water. The river bed serves best as cricket and soccer field for people residing near the banks of river. At times, one can spot people replying nature's call by the bank side. 

While the northern part is devastated by heavy down pour, flash floods and landslides, situation is tranquil in and around my vicinity. I can best describe the current climatic condition as a perfect cool weather. The lush green fields imparting scenic beauty to the place and the cool breeze blowing all night keeping me cool for the first time in 3 years. 

I would definitely long for the continual of the present condition for the rest of the year. Infact, I can only pray and the rest will be cared by mother nature. For many reasons, I can signal pleasure and heartily say, July 2013 was fun and a prosperous month for me(secretive reason). Weather is cool , I am calm and life is turning out to be more livelier and beautiful. 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Dreaming to get a Ripped body.

In recent past, I came across many people complimenting that I have become healthy. I have put on some weight which is obvious and feel awkward to see myself in amoeboid shape. Actually, everything is befalling at the right time when I was thinking of visiting my college Gym for a light exercises.

 I did plan about making to the gym from the first year itself, but feared for not being that strict with diet. Considering my current eating habits and extra weight that I have put on, it becomes a kind of signature mandate to do some physical exercises.

I was a keen sportsman in school which helped me to stay fit. Things deteriorated upon reaching college as I got more into boozing than games. It has been almost 3 years now that I haven't been either into soccer field or basketball court. Where has my zest for playing gone. Possibly, it could be the lazinese which is wrapped by apathy that controlled me over this long gap. 

Ruing over how I used to be and what I am now will further strike my emotion and sadden me. So the quest for my old, but beneficial habit of playing games should start right away without any further delay. For the very first time in the college, I showed myself in the basket ball court today. My room mate knew that I am bit disquieted with the change and he encouraged me to join him and dispel my gloom.

I mustered my lost interest and tried my best though my play time didn't prolong more than 10 minutes. I couldn't withstand in the court like my fellow mates who are regular in the court almost everyday. The woeful performance in the court depicted the loss of my stamina.

 I got to retrieve it back and improve my physical fitness. So the very next time I step into the court, I will try to increase my playing time and keep up my morale, not forgetting my dream of getting a ripped body which is definitely and undoubtedly  the most enduring task.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

I am emotional

Two months of vacation ended up in a blink of an eye. It certainly can be due to me being busy most of the time in the hospital. Now I am back to my  college with fresh memories ready to befriend with books to get a genuine credit in exams. Ofcourse, this is every students top priority that I must never ever forget. The past few days was quite gloomy with nothing amusing. Felt like I grew more melancholy for departing from my loved ones. No one can fathom the sadness and the lonely feeling that's in me. I really can't describe the things running inside me. I have become effusively sentimental.

At one point, my tears have already rolled down my cheek by the time I realized. That happened when I was streaming X-Factor auditions. I am out of my words to elaborate on it. My eyes reddened watching the talented lads ablaze the stage with their melodious song and vocal repertoire. It may invite ridicule to some people to know this, but I must clarify that it was totally a tear of joy. I am born as a hardcore fan of those who are talented vocalist and I am passionate enough to be an enthusiastic listener. Life is more beautiful when we do that overwhelms us. 

I gathered all my nerves to share the emotional arousal to my friend. She commended in her own way. In a pitiful way, she said it could be the rise of my compassionate mind. I personally felt that I was too much emotional rather than compassionate. My eyes got drenched with tears  and I now know that it was actuated by emotion, not by compassion. It was simply mesmerizing to watch those gifted singers which was fascinating  and made me cry along with them out of joy. 

Such incidents are flummoxing. I am now like whether to continue with shedding my tears or to simply quit watching. I am yet to choose between these two choices which are resting right infront of me. By now, people may be knowing what I will choose. 

Sunday, 17 March 2013


Friendship is the first as well as the last step of love. Generally, a person will never befriend with anyone if he hates the other person. It is friends who can understand us wholly than any one else. Being close in the school days and becoming more than friends can be just an insight infatuation and a teenage admiration. The urge towards liking someone on the later part of our life is what we called a matured love.

The little confidence placed  in it often drives away everything and shatters the ever unending drama of love, relationship and life. It is at that point of ones life where people start seeking intelligent suggestions from the people close to them. The cherishing days in the school provide us with the blurred idea and barely give us time to analyse our doings.

The story of how my friend started liking our own class mate is not at all an uncommon scene around us. I knew he can be the best of all to her. Being the closest  friend of mine, he shared everything to me and even seeks my suggestions all the time.  As a friend to both, happiness is bound to usher on me, if I see them together. As always, my jovial and closest friend started to admire our own classmate.

Though, it happened after many years of going away from school, the news didn't flummox me even a bit also. He was unable to take up the decisions that he actually wanted to go along with. The feeling of hesistance hindered the further progress. At the moment, I responsively suggested him to move ahead because I thought the girl would suit best for the gentleman like him.

On many instances, our incessant chit-chat was all about him and the girl whom he is in love with. A very unsure friend was really in love and dimmed by it. I became the resource person for him and often exchanged thougths and ideas mattering to relationship. I did chat with her. It was a casual talk between the two old friends nearly after 6 years of departure from school.

At one point, I even enquired about her life, relationship and her choice. Going through her reply, I thought she was still the old charming friend whom I know to some extent. She was determined not to date until she graduated and seemed strict with her decison. Even today, I will never tell anything that will sound like a discrepant affirmation to what I wrote before this. I couldn't step myself backward from asking her onward progress with our friend. The good thing in it was, I didn't sense any hint of disapporval from her side too and that probably might have made the man feel optimistic with his acts and the reason why he gave a go ahead to his mission.

The matter would have ended before anything narrative featured in between the two if she was straight and right to the point from the beginning. The true feeling without ambiguity is what we die to hear from people. If it is the truth spoken from the heart, people at other end are always wise and gentle enough to understand and comprehend it. Confirming to actuality leaves no scar even if the truth is bitter. The main cause of the emotional angush can be infinite, but the worst of all that leaves a scar on heart is when someone who you trusted the most makes you feel lonley  with intense emotional anguish.

This is the way of life. I am sure, the both must be going through series of tormenting feelings for posing themselves in to such a position and giving a strain to their strong friendship. What made me feel dizzy was when I came to know that she is dating with someone. Well, the decision is strictly with her and no one can call into question or throw any opinion as she has the sole right for what she opts to do for. For now, I feel  glad to hear it, but lament for the other guy whose dream shattered on the mercy of his guiltless and innoncent heart.

I just couldn't stop myself  from writing this to show the height of  moral degeneration to my fellow mates who can be the victim of ones own emotional trauma. Rules aren't meant to followed regimentally, but on our will. It is absolutely normal to be decisive in our life and work for the personal welfare. It wasn't at all a surprise to let my ear hear it, but it did flew through my spine giving a vibe which I'm unsuccessful of describing at this point.

 That was not at all a flaw or a mistake because it was her own decision which I respect from my heart and she too shouldn't feel bad for her smart decision which is marked by the impact of wise decision. Therefore it wasn't anything like surprisal to see her happy with someone, but definitely the true picture of world around me which is simply unpredictable which  I will regard it as untrustworthy.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Real Me For My Real Buddies

Am I a changed person now, still remains as a big questionable averment.  I talk a lot, sometimes I speak our rapidly and incessantly over an ineffective topic. I make people around to laugh out loud with my juice-less humor.  For decades, I kept myself mum for I couldn't assemble my fortitude and determination to speak my heart out. I had never danced or sang in-front of anyone before I joined college.

This is something which makes me laugh alone in my room like a person afflicted with psychosis. I bemoan at heart to say that I never interacted with my female class mates until 10th standard. The inborn reflexes within me seemed to have been cocooned itself for so many reasons. It was like my complex state was so vague that I couldn't even trace out what was right for my betterment. 

For now, I could feel the difference and will humbly say that I rejoice over it. I ain't trying to show that I am matured enough to deal with the world around me for maturity doesn't mean I've to show off my hairy face. I recently realized that it was no good for me to be a timid guy solely for the reason that people around take it in other way round.

At most, they can just judge us by the way we mingle and interact with the acquaintances around. God didn't bestow me with the serenity to interact with all kinds of people around me. So, nothing will amaze or anguish me, not even the negative remarks or the flattering words. For now, I proudly pronounce myself as the best and the closest friend to many of my former classmates who couldn't dare to talk when we were together in school. 

Now, they are ready to spank me for being too serious. I condemn for my shitty act as it was me and my outward aspect that compelled them to take it otherwise. It can either be their stupid and haphazard first impression on me. Books aren't to be judged by its cover so are the men. The part in them, which impelled them to consider me as a serious guy is jubilating apparently. For now, they speak out their heart to me and throw their tantrums whenever I deserve it.

Feels good to see them overjoyed for knowing me in real and effacing the old stories of our schooling days. Impermanence is inevitable, it is totally inappropriate to pronounce myself as a changed person for mirror would definitely hint the seat of the faulty of the assertion stated above. I will just say that people around is seeing the inherent ability of a timid and shy primitive guy. 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

World around me

The present world is too complicated and the people around too. World is deteriorating right infront of us. People opt for easy living in every possible ways. They need the warmth from the people around them, but the tendency to be kind and forgiving is too less from them. People give less and expect more from others. No reason to judge people, time propels the alteration, which is totally unobjectionable.

The prevalence of emotional anguish has clouded the happiness in the faces of people. People are too ambitious and immoderately desirous for their own welfare. This is the current status which we experience daily. Friends are active in the social networking sites, yet shows no zest to write a single word to their beloved ones. The consciousness of own dignity is given the more importance and stays silent just because other person is mum.

People drink not for enjoyment, but out of frustration which leaves them in an awkward and racking situation. People are seemingly happy, but pressure is way beyond their bearing capacity. Drastic change in the mindsets of people leading to misunderstandings , choas and instability in the society. The guilt conscience  drives away the trust and faith in oneself. The trait of not trusting others is the common trend.

Nothing is forecasted and those envisioned are just an illusion. Anybody can do the work, but waits for somebody to do it and nobody does it. Technologies has ease man's job and made man unengergetic.  People struggle for supremacy over laziness. People are more focused on ones very reason for being here and give no time for others, but still expects excessively. Funny but interesting to be in the era where I get to be among the ones described above. 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Unvarying and Ceaseless Schedules

A week long assignment test is finally over, but I've got a little time to flood with relief with many workloads queued up. Writing records for the practicals performed in the laboratory is another mind numbing and onerous task that keeps me busy whole semester. Infact, assignment test is the first section of tedious activities included in the academic calender. Internal tests, assignments, practical exams in 6 modules are all eagerly waiting to brace me. Leisure time and holidays aren't mirthful as it used to be in schools. This just ruins my perfect routine and makes me lethargic.

If it's off day, I find myself in the room with my over sized head resting on the flattened pillow because vacation without acquaintances is not as diverting as having our best buddies. With no alternatives, this becomes the unvarying and a wearisome routine. Presumptively, this may not be the worst thing I am undergoing. All sorts of health related problems are another tormenting thing that always tries to jeopardize my tranquility. Feels uncomfortable to see friends going skinny in the middle of the semester and getting injured due to infections on skin.

Harsh, more appropriately, the hot and humid climatic condition is suitable way to describe the weather which is the major problem for those people who descended from cold places. While I thoroughly dislike this place, nevertheless I accord to stay here understanding the reason of my presence which is for a good cause. On certain occasions, I feel going college a better option because I get the chance to mingle with my class mates and hardly feels the ticking of clock. The worst feeling of being in room all day long just makes me alike to a mentally deranged person and going college precedes all random thoughts.

No matter what, I have to get myself shielded from all worthless fantasies and stupid thoughts. The new semester has just begun and works are all lined up to keep me busy for the next four months. Can't complacently stay and while away the time  because the choices and options in life are the two things which we should earn without any discrepancies hindering it. The unending student life of mine is tiresome yet truly like a bliss of the promised land. Unceasing academic activities and  repetitive life in the room are  the two things in which I must fit in. People  must strive to please themselves so must I with great endurance for any favourable outcome.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Glory for UDHSS

I remember reading a post in kuenselonline forum against Ugyen Dorji Higher Seconday a year ago(unsure of exact date). It must be the anonymous writing of someone who was mindful of his responsibilities and concerns over the future of his children who was enrolled there. His posting described the poor academic performance of the school in the board exams. He might have raised this issue bearing some concerns in his mind and for a grounded valid reason.  Those who strive for the betterment of the students and school must have felt the contemptuous blow by going through it. 

The writer generalized his concerns over the future of his children deliberating the poor academic performance of the school. As a parent, they will always love to see their children doing great in their life. Infact, it is the only cherished desire and hope of all the parents who altruistically sweat for their children's future. Parents and teachers are alike in everything. Be it in terms of responsibilities, care and in grooming the  students, teachers selflessly work hard in shaping the future of students. For many reasons, they must be regarded highly. Their contribution to the society is limitless and way beyond the horizon.

What delighted me lately was the the headline in the kuensel newspaper. The moment for whole UDHSS family to be ecstatic with joy over the success and a brilliant performance by one of our school mates. I congratulate our friend for soaring up our school's fame and for your great efforts which surpassed the excellence. Lets not forget the efforts of our teachers for this great success story and would love to hear lots of same stories in years to come. It is indeed a moral boosting and furnishing information to the present UDHSS family and urge my comrades to keep up with the trend hereafter. 

This dispelled the myth of hopelessness from the minds of many people and I am very much sure that the age old myth will never perpetuate in the time yet to come. Indeed, I managed to read two different articles about UDHSS, which if am to juxtapose; contradicts from one another. Let the ones who had the fallacious hope be rejoiced by this great news. Everything happens for a cause and I know that person must have written it for a good cause. I join hands with all the alumni of UDHSS and congratulate the topper. 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Better Fate Binds Two Souls

"I don't think you will get a better and simple girl than her" was what Pema heard when he introduced his girlfriend to his elder brother. An indication that his brother was happy for him. Most importantly for getting paired up with a simple and an innocent girl. The seriousness in his brother's compliment was worth to be taken because Pema saw his brother looking over her with an appraising eye. Pema's friend Ngawang was busy complaining in whinning manner as how a girl like her accepted Pema as her lover. He started smirching Pema infront of  girlfriend by saying that he is not the person like she thought. Pema's girl friend just kept herself mum bearing a smile on her face.

The story about their meeting is an epic one. It dates back to their high schooling days when they were school mates. Pema was a guy who grew up in a hamlet of eastern Bhutan. Deprived of all the facilities that one enjoys in the urban and western part, he grew up as a village urchin along with few other friends of his age. Being an average looking guy, he never had the expectations and used to blush while seeing girls. Pema recalled how the long academic years used to end without a single conversation with the girls. At one point, Ngawang interrupted him and said "who knows, girls might have liked you". Pema instantly replied "obviously, it is just that I never gave a shit damn to them" and laughed at his on jest for it was something unrealistic.

Pema was a timid guy in the school and admits he haven't seen his girlfriend in the school. The story seems like his girlfriend was one secret admirer of him. She still have the crystal clear image of how he used to be in the school and also remembers the casual ghos that he wore during Saturdays. Since he was two years senior than her, he could hardly remember her presence in the same school. "Perhaps, he was too busy after other girls in the school", was the probable suggestion from Ngawang's side. Ngawang instantly disagrees the implied possibility as he knows Pema has got no talent to lure girls.

Pema is no more a timid lad anymore. His old friends are often astonished to see him after a long gap as a changed man. His best buddy Ngawang, another unique piece on earth whose verbal skill has the power to evoke laughter tries to annoy Pema whenever they are together. Till that day he used to tell Pema that, "a timid man will never win the girl's heart". Ngawang, had a happy disposition with a smile on his pudgy yellow face upon seeing Pema with his first ever girlfriend. He hugged Pema and whispered "tough man is finally relented by a beautiful girl" and they giggled infront of her.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Wel-come Twenty-Thirteen

Exactly at this time of year, people keep themselves busy with the hope of celebrating another new year for years to come. I hear my friends talking about the resolutions and the past stories, the story of how they couldn't keep up with what they were supposed to do. I often wonder if people are really serious with their resolutions because I see them being stamped down by their impractical resolutions.  

It is a typical and  an average  thought and something what I have seen and the reason why I always give a second thought before I speak out my resolution. So for 2013, I have got no airy resolutions, but as always, wish to savor each and every laugh, cry, joy and emotional distress with an understanding that it is the part of so called beautiful life.

I don't have emphatic word to describe new year's eve. I confined myself in the room and stayed surfing net wishing all my facebook friends who were online. Friends left for the nearby Inn, which once was my favorite destination. I still have the vivid idea of how I exhibited my lame dance moves infront of fellow Indian friends last year.

I was keenly excited to be alone as I did it deliberately. When I compare my present status with the past, I see indefinable differences within myself. Feels no good to mingle and booze like before as I am a complete teetotaler and a happy man since quitting it.

Unlike last year, I did the countdown and accepted 2013 in a joyous manner. The feeling was euphoric which I felt emotionally. The fireworks from the nearby apartments was so thrilling to watch and pleasantly an entertaining one. Seeing people walking by my apartment, I could no longer stay in the room due to an influencing and an exciting temptation from the people outside who were all in gaiety mood.

Went for a midnight walk which was the first time upon reaching college and ofcourse a loner one. Though, 2012 was a year filled with dreadful rumours which riveted spooky feelings in the minds of people, it was a happy ending allowing people to gracefully welcome a new era.

Got no unshakeable resolutions or a precise new goals to be fulfilled, but would certainly usher myself  into the new year with lots of hopes and aspirations for a better world without any chaos to the beautiful earth and her people. I pray twenty-thirteen to be a year of merriment to all with good health and loads of happiness, Amen!!!