Monday, 7 April 2014

Broad Day Robbery

Thieves nowadays are getting bolder and more confident. They have become invulnerable to fear and heightened their audacity to sneak into the apartments even during day time. People remind me to be careful while being away from home. As a sojourner in their soil, they esteem us as a filthy millionaire and try in every possible ways to loot our pocket money which is just enough for our living. Do we need to do the same when they come to our place? Absolutely not, we're taught to be humble and hospitable to our guest. 

Those who stays in India might have known the real character of the locals. They think lame, act weird and above all they are selfish and cunning. They never keep their words leaving us in an unease condition. Of all they taught us not to trust them for whatever reason it may be. My apartment is housing people from different countries who are enrolled in different nearby colleges. Management tries to come up with their own set of rules and regulations for foreigners to which we never abide by. Rules has to be uniform for everyone, and the separate rule for outsiders  are just too harsh for us to take in.

Laborers on other hand eye to get into our room during broad day light when we are away for college. We didn't know their intentions until we lost our valuable belongings. The same person has sneaked into our room for couple of times and we came to know about it after days. One of my room mates' Micromax phone went missing for three to four days. There was nothing like force entry from the door or window , so who would think about the burglars when his phone wasn't there in his room. I tried to ring his number which said switched off and we're calm  as we thought it was misplaced somewhere in our room only. 

Days passed by without seeing his mobile and we were so confident that it will be somewhere in our room. Unaware of the robbery being seriously eagle eyed on foreigners, we used to leave early for college and return late in the evening. Days later, one of the lockers in my friend's room was break opened and his mobile was missing too. The other friend who misplaced his mobile few days back rushed to his room and got his hand to his wallet only to see it empty. I too kept few hundreds under my text books which wasn't there.

That just solved the mystery of the missing Micromax phone. We then realized that the phone was stolen, not misplaced and stayed starring at each other. Out of four mobile phones in our room, the bloody burglar took two smart phones, leaving my simple Nokia and friend's Samsung phone. He proved to be the dumbest thief leaving $200 from friends purse and taking Indian notes. Our laptops were spared as labourers are being thoroughly checked while going out of the gate by the security guards. As expected, management was so silent though we informed about the incident right away. Later, I saw the security personnel scanning people going out from the gate which was too late as the thief might have gone out of the compound way before.

The same day, they also managed to get into one of our friend's apartment and took a cheque of Rs.20000 which she got from the indian embassy. Actually, she promised us that she would throw a hefty party to all our friends and we were all excited over her plan. That remained as a plan as housebreaker snatched away her cheque. The day wasn't ours as we Bhutanese lost mobiles and cash worth 40,000/-.  We felt the pain and got gravely disturbed but consoled ourselves by saying that it is another way of effacing our ill luck and unforeseen troubles.