Thursday, 26 June 2014

Kid, He is just a kid.

At this point of my life, I wish I could remember the detailed incidents right from being a toddler. As an adult, I go speechless to see my young nephews  and nieces always right in their own way. Spending time with the young ones has undeniably become  my favorite pass time. Kids are so fun to mingle with. Their action and deeds are worth enough to keep you engaged. Their presence in the room is more than having folks around at the time when one need them so desperately. 

There is no doubt of being unsure of what they are and how they feel of themselves. Kids are smarter than us and their unexpected acts greatly surprising and astonishing. Each passing day is a new experience to them where they tend to grab and explore every little things that they come across. The hue and cry of kids at home abuzz the whole room which is provoking, but we realize the liveliness of having children at home only in their absence. 

Baby sitting is an arduous task especially for boys and the work gets more tougher if the little ones are too naughty and hyperactive. During my summer vacation, I had a good time with my little nephew who recently celebrated his second birthday. He never bothered who is there to look after him if he is served well and on time. The most positive and appreciative qualities of all is that he is very well disciplined for toilet. At times, he looked tired and bored. Locked in the room  up for the whole day, I once took him for a walk idly. I could never think of taking him again as he used to come to my bed at odd hours and ask me for a late night walk.

I observed him little hesitant in the beginning to be with me, but with time he proved very aggressive. Kids always think that they are impeccable and wants the things as they wished which is sometimes very much irritating. During the first few days, he was fine watching the local Etho Meto channel and Bhutanese songs. I don't know what sidetracked his mind. He switched to a famous Chota Bheem Series. For him, it is like the series will be aired 24*7, letting me to put on the TV as an when he wished.

I tried explaining him that his favourite Bheem series will be on TV at its scheduled timing and he always turned a deaf ear. In return,  uttering a sudden loud cry on top of his voice saying "Aku Bheem Tensh". I had to download the whole series of Chota Bheem and let him watch whole day. That eased my work, he never moved an inch when  his favorite cartoon series is on. Over a few weeks time, we became so close and at several points, he used to come to me, hug and get back to his place. He is so fond of the series but I expect him doing different things during my next visit.