Tuesday, 25 September 2012

In Search Of a Concept For Perfectness

I always desire persistently for a disposition free from stress and emotion. Till now, I have been a keen listeners to my friends about the relationships. My tenacious memory still remembers all different opinions of my friends. Most of them who are in relation suggested me to stay away from this, while some section of friends insisted me to alteast experience it once. They say so by citing their personal experiences and I noted every words of them. Seriously examining their confounding assertions, it just left me in the position whereby I must describe as an emotionally confusing state. 

Everytime my lovable friends puts such propositions, I grab it with exuberance because I see earnestness in their face. I know they say so for my own sake, yet they leave on me whether to take it sincerely or to turn a deaf ear. When I analyze the firm and humourless promptings of them, it makes me go numb since it puts me further into the a flummoxing situation. The big question in my mind is, which one to rate important and consider. Though it is just their perception, they say it wholeheartedly for my own sake and I value it. Many a times, I readily accepted and agreed with them because I know I will do what my heart says. 

Quite often, unusual thoughts fills my mind even though it is not a repleting one. At one time, my mind says yep!! It is better to be with friends and enjoy like what you've been always doing, but on other hand, my psychic feeling says, Nope!! it is time for u now. Sometimes, I get boosted up from within and feels like I will direct with the go ahead command. I can do anything haphazardly for my own sake, but it fears me when it comes to dealing with other's sentiment and emotion. My heart says, the pain for hurting others is much more excruciating than anything else. So with this reverence embedded deep within me, I fear to risk with my decision which is being backed up by the well-meaning suggestion from my lovable friends.

 The corollary of relationship, be it an ardent love or a fake makes me pessimist. It is meaningless to consider as true love when one is happy and suddenly think of separating whenever in tense mood because of someone who loves you so dearly. More than anything, I think mutual understanding is very vital for relation to last eternally. People usually wish for a perfect person which doesn't exist in this world. Having observed for this many years and seen different section of people, I should say some sacrifice, adjustment, compromises and capability to apprehend and understand others feelings are the real clues for any relation to last for limitless time. As expected, people may consider me hypocrite if I don't follow what I just felt and jotted down. I know practicality is always difficult, still I would strive hard to keep others happy, which is the ultimate aspiration of every lover.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Thrue Baab:- Time To Wipe Off Our Sins

It was the day for me to wash off all my sins accumulated over one year. My words may sound feeble if I say, I stayed awake whole night to cleanse myself in the morning. This is just a belief, yet my faith kept me active whole night to do what I used to do at home. Blessed Rainy Day is the day for sharchops in particular to celebrate it grandly.

 I just realized this when my classmate from Haa insisted sharchops out here to buy a bottle of liquor for him. He was genuine with his words because he posited, Haaps don't celebrate Thrue Baab. I strongly noted his words as I stayed at his hometown for three years and didn't see any speciality during this particular day.

I knew, he wanted to rob our fiddling money in the name of Sharchopa Losar. At heart, I had the mind to spend my few amounts for I can't throw a huge amount in the name of Losar. Seriously, I wasn't drunk at that moment. I promptly opposed by asserting, why our government should deliberately declare it as government holiday if it was the day for sharchops only.

I wasn't intending to offend him, but most of them took it as an offence from my side. Ofcourse, sharchops are all over Bhutan and  it is not a surprise to see majority of my mates from eastern Bhutan in my college too.BSA office bearers initiated a gathering exclusively to observe this very auspicious day and to keep up the long standing trend of our country.

Appreciated them working in the torrid sun. Some section of friends prepared varieties of food items by waking up before dawn. I could wake up only at around 11am and went there to take the brunch. Majority of them were longing to warm up themselves. I always accompany them, what ever occasion it may be.

Therefore, I couldn't say no to them and right away decided to join them. They insisted me to organize the boozing session to celebrate the event. I showed little bit of disinclination by attentively talking about the scarcity of money with all of us. It wasn't a mere formality to drink, but a custom our forefathers passed on us. 

People say, money is not everything and at that very moment, I just thought money is something when needed. Somehow, we managed few thousands and visited our favourite inn. We drank few bottles of Beer and that contented all of us. I enjoyed their company as usual and we headed back to attend our gathering, which I must appraise as a rare event.

I displayed my capability and proved that I am one of the gluttonous person who is invincible by all in eating. Excessive eating made me slothful and left me in comfortless state, but never agitated me as I ate, boozed, sang just to celebrate THRUE BAAB.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Lovable Old Friends

 To live up to ones own expectation, people toil hard day and night. No one in this world lives a single day without a sense of responsibility. Tomorrow is unpredictable, no matter what?, we all need to live today upto ones desirable prospect. The only favourite  pass time for me is to either study or to stay online in facebook and I must say this is my apparent routine.  On several occasions, I folk with my batch mate to have fun and party in my new college. Well, I just realized that I had the best group friends in SHERUBTSE.

They were the guys who knew me to the extreme and still they wanted me to be their friend. I don't know whether I deserved to be the member of their tribe, but  feels blessed to be in their list any how.Everything is just now the bygone memories and I do miss those days in intense despair. The togetherness and the great time with them still makes my best memory. It doesn't mean that I owe their care and concern. To be based on theories and facts, we generally forgets our friends with time and due to some unfavorable circumstances. Yet they were my friends with whom I shared amicable and intimate friendship.

Individually, they were unique in their own ways just like what I am. Though they were my friends, I found it bit difficult to conform with them in many aspects. In many fields, they were way ahead of me and was solacing to befriend with them. At times, they used to rage against my negative traits. The worst of all is that, I never used to accept the fault, trying every possible way to prove that I am not the perpetrator. This might have anguished them and I am helpless with those incidents, since it happened without my real intention. Shit happens among best friends too, but it takes less time to resolve. Of all, I enjoyed their company as they were always by my side as and when needed.

Caught them Fuddling
We boozed, shared laughter and even cried together in many occasions. My stay with them provided me full fledged enjoyment. They never denied anything that I planned and were always just a call away. Sometimes, I hesitated to call them for some reasons, even so they were never left out. It was simply charmless without them to do anything. Sometimes, I held back in uncertainty just for the reason that they had nymph like a girl caring and loving them. As time dashed ahead, I came to know that they're utterly alike and elegant. Infact, it brings ample of joys and smile to have known them. Just like my friends, they too were very much calm, modest and distinctively ravishing. More than this, their understanding and respect to the friendship I had with my friends was worth of deference regards.
Posing for the great shot


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Warmth In My Life

Amidst of my busy schedule, lot many things stands in queue which makes me feel as the busiest creature of all. Listening to all kinds of Bhutanese music is my passion. When music vibrates deep within my heart, the euphony becomes the source of  great amusement.. For me, music is an essence of my life. We listen to it and get freed from all sorts of stresses. I've many friends whom I should thank for attaching the new songs that they get back at home.

I must say, I never miss a single day without playing the songs that they emailed me. The reverberating voice of young Bhutanese singers are so much influential and soothing to my ears, which consents me to play their songs for countless times. So, all I can do is appreciate, listen to it zealously with the hope of catching up their next new album. 

In schools, I used to envy the way seniors played soccer and I too got into it. Maybe it was my ill luck that barricaded me from getting into the game that I liked to play the most. I had to keep a gap in between after twisting my ankle. Since then, I lost the interest in playing as I felt the excruciating pain every time I tried to get back into the soccer field. Subsequently, I shifted to indoor games and particularly to TableTennis. Gradually, I started liking the game and then became the active amateur player in the gymnasium.

It is quite impossible to bounce back to soccer field and show my crappy play, but the love and passion towards it is still alive within me. Infact, I never miss  the European soccer and Gunners' match on television during the weekends. I have PES-pro-evolution soccer installed in the laptop which keeps me awake entire night. The good thing I see in it is that, we can associate ourselves in the game just like we are playing in the field. It requires prompt decision, plans and tactics to surpass our opponents and score goals.

Boozing out with friends comes next in the queue. If we are to drink alone, it is a different case. It happens only if one is a real alcoholic or when one is mentally depressed. I just take a peg or two to flush out the tenseness of my body. The best part in me is that, I become talkative and more voguish when I am in boozy state. Though, all my friends are unique in many ways, our opinions are in conformity with the norms and standards. Some says, we will never drink in life, if we don't drink in our college life. This cannot be emphatically true, but I personally feel that life is just like a flowing river with different stage and features.

Above all, I am a man with responsibilities and I don't see any reason for me to get distracted by the so called fantasizing surrounding. There are lots of option in this deteriorating world and it is in our hands to choose the best one. Though with a feeling of hesitant and tautness, I fear nothing for my fervid dreams to turn into reality. This makes me a guy with loads of responsibilities, which will ultimately sparkle my life. Every right implies a responsibility. I ain't too ambitious with everything I plan, but  contrive it with some fear and hope.