Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Prosperous July Month.

July month was little bit lazy, the sky blanketed with cloud ever ready to herald a heavy downpour. But, this was probably the best weather condition in Andhra Pradesh. The previous years, I don't remember of anything like this. It used to be dry all year round with extreme heat and humidity. Despite being a coastal region, it hardly rained which remained as a big question mark. 

The famous Krishna river which I used to plot randomly during my geography exam is just a few kilometers from my college. It remains dry most of the time and sometimes without any water. The river bed serves best as cricket and soccer field for people residing near the banks of river. At times, one can spot people replying nature's call by the bank side. 

While the northern part is devastated by heavy down pour, flash floods and landslides, situation is tranquil in and around my vicinity. I can best describe the current climatic condition as a perfect cool weather. The lush green fields imparting scenic beauty to the place and the cool breeze blowing all night keeping me cool for the first time in 3 years. 

I would definitely long for the continual of the present condition for the rest of the year. Infact, I can only pray and the rest will be cared by mother nature. For many reasons, I can signal pleasure and heartily say, July 2013 was fun and a prosperous month for me(secretive reason). Weather is cool , I am calm and life is turning out to be more livelier and beautiful. 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Dreaming to get a Ripped body.

In recent past, I came across many people complimenting that I have become healthy. I have put on some weight which is obvious and feel awkward to see myself in amoeboid shape. Actually, everything is befalling at the right time when I was thinking of visiting my college Gym for a light exercises.

 I did plan about making to the gym from the first year itself, but feared for not being that strict with diet. Considering my current eating habits and extra weight that I have put on, it becomes a kind of signature mandate to do some physical exercises.

I was a keen sportsman in school which helped me to stay fit. Things deteriorated upon reaching college as I got more into boozing than games. It has been almost 3 years now that I haven't been either into soccer field or basketball court. Where has my zest for playing gone. Possibly, it could be the lazinese which is wrapped by apathy that controlled me over this long gap. 

Ruing over how I used to be and what I am now will further strike my emotion and sadden me. So the quest for my old, but beneficial habit of playing games should start right away without any further delay. For the very first time in the college, I showed myself in the basket ball court today. My room mate knew that I am bit disquieted with the change and he encouraged me to join him and dispel my gloom.

I mustered my lost interest and tried my best though my play time didn't prolong more than 10 minutes. I couldn't withstand in the court like my fellow mates who are regular in the court almost everyday. The woeful performance in the court depicted the loss of my stamina.

 I got to retrieve it back and improve my physical fitness. So the very next time I step into the court, I will try to increase my playing time and keep up my morale, not forgetting my dream of getting a ripped body which is definitely and undoubtedly  the most enduring task.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

I am emotional

Two months of vacation ended up in a blink of an eye. It certainly can be due to me being busy most of the time in the hospital. Now I am back to my  college with fresh memories ready to befriend with books to get a genuine credit in exams. Ofcourse, this is every students top priority that I must never ever forget. The past few days was quite gloomy with nothing amusing. Felt like I grew more melancholy for departing from my loved ones. No one can fathom the sadness and the lonely feeling that's in me. I really can't describe the things running inside me. I have become effusively sentimental.

At one point, my tears have already rolled down my cheek by the time I realized. That happened when I was streaming X-Factor auditions. I am out of my words to elaborate on it. My eyes reddened watching the talented lads ablaze the stage with their melodious song and vocal repertoire. It may invite ridicule to some people to know this, but I must clarify that it was totally a tear of joy. I am born as a hardcore fan of those who are talented vocalist and I am passionate enough to be an enthusiastic listener. Life is more beautiful when we do that overwhelms us. 

I gathered all my nerves to share the emotional arousal to my friend. She commended in her own way. In a pitiful way, she said it could be the rise of my compassionate mind. I personally felt that I was too much emotional rather than compassionate. My eyes got drenched with tears  and I now know that it was actuated by emotion, not by compassion. It was simply mesmerizing to watch those gifted singers which was fascinating  and made me cry along with them out of joy. 

Such incidents are flummoxing. I am now like whether to continue with shedding my tears or to simply quit watching. I am yet to choose between these two choices which are resting right infront of me. By now, people may be knowing what I will choose.