Saturday, 24 March 2012

Farewell Note

Farewell, recognition of someone's achievement and formulation of goodwill at parting is the customary practice prevailing everywhere. Bhutanese Students Association, Vijayawada was once again in proximity to accolade our seniors who will be graduating this summer. Though the togetherness with them appeared like an ephemeral, the moments that we have in common possessed bunches of vigorous joys and merriment. The great times we shared out are something that can turn out the bygone days into an euphoric state every time we reminisce of it. They are my seniors, my elder brothers or can say as an adults, who genuinely guided me and helped me feel home in a place away from home.

I say this because the nostalgic vibe of our closeness has already started dazzling which can even overpower the luminous intensity of the moon and the stars. Being an inhabitant with friends around, we run across people of different ethics, thoughts and notions. A feeling of deep regret has been pinched in between my cardiac tissues solely for the minimal time that i got to be with them. Nevertheless, I could manage to grasp few good things and postures from them, which were very much inspiring and beneficial for the nymphs and pups studying B.Tech degree. I simply saw them as an ideal person from whom we can at least learn and realize the true facts of life and the importance of education.

I gained ideas and acquired profound knowledge about life from them. In reality, we see others and external matters more than what we see within us. The matters of life and the facts that we experience are a concoction of good and bad. I say so basing on what my eyes saw and how my heart perceived about it. Simultaneously, I can't deny the prevalence of imperfection among human. We do commit mistakes, gets hurt, but most importantly we should know how to forgive, forget and apologize for the wrong doings. The most worthy and desirable part in them was the zeal and enthusiasm to learn the subjects at their age. I often longed and wished for the immense and the versatile learning interest like them which is normally lacking in the veins of young bloods.

Every work of theirs were appreciable. Yes, i did appreciate the consistency in their work and laud their regiment time management system, which is one out of many secrets behind the success of any endeavor. Watching them toil hard without respite and uplifting the name of Bhutanese Students in the sights of the local people were the great works and qualities in them that overwhelmed me with admiration and subsided the rambling thoughts which distracted and hampered my normal routine. The smile from them and a savory gossip with them was enough for us to feel happy as it used to outwit the loneliness for being away from home. For now, I say adios to all  with a hope of unifying in the time yet to come.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Life In The Heaven

As we enter into the soup of our life, the extrication is toilsome and we are ought to get the prick of it. Everyone gets the chance to respire the aroma of it, but comes out in varying odors to different people. To some, it may appear like secretion of nectar that is sweet to a pollinator. The pollinator feels like it is being honeyed, whereas it is as worse as the stink of a shit to some other people. Life is an everlasting jaunt that everyone of us get to relish. The trail of it glitters and blinds us to be the utmost degree whereby we feel like living eternally. At times, it dulls us that the very charm that we experience in times of amusements just gets covered deep below the sorrowful moments and we feel like getting rid of it completely. We have to bear in mind of all these things, but we hardly get the time to realize it until something forces us by getting into our track. Well, journey of life is unidirectional without the option of reverse gear. Yesterday becomes the previous day and glides by as life goes on.

 Past moments gets imprinted in the core of our heart. Remarkable times of our life are always engraved in our heart with the depressingly dark days being placed somewhere in the same vicinity. Both are the part and parcel of our life and inevitable too. The bitter instants are never welcomed or accepted, yet it is bound to happen and hard to say no to it. Indeed, it is always a difficult thing to say no to anything. There are instances in life that shall bewilder us and make us ceaseless without a clue. However, there is always a time at one point that will reveal the clue we persistently longed for. I always think that there is time when we will reap the success of your life and a day will follow after us. Everyone possess a trait that can impress others and the smile that can be powerful to spark the world.

A suitable word is inscribed in the dictionary that will let other people describe and discover us. Let it be good or bad, we are known to someone for what we are and what we do. For instance, Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest and the richest man in this earth is a magnate and a philanthropist. So, he is known worldwide for his generosity and charitableness. I am not trying to compare anyone with him as I know, I am not even below the left toe of his left foot but his acts are appreciable and honored by millions. So, I think there is a part in everyone of us that will make a place in this world. The world is an elusive embodiment of universe where joy as well as agony prevail all over. Innumerable emotions, remembrance and most appropriately a place to physic ourselves is how I will describe the world. That’s why this world is very revising and an ultimate Eden. Therefore everyone should do great!!!!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A Statement In Explanation Of Some Action Or Belief

You don’t look like a timid guy is the most common and repeated remark from many of my friends and they even doubt that I may be flirting with strangers by giving a false information. I rue the reason that I don’t have the proof to make them believe that I am not the person they think and assume of.  The question is how can I convince them and prove it. Of course, I know I have become more communicative in recent days, but in real, the things are just contrary to their assumption and an absolute complement. When I say that I haven’t been into a relationship and haven’t experienced it, most of my friends display some amount of disapproval to my words.

How can somebody be idle in a college where there are plenty of nymphs is the justification they give to oppose my words. To this, I narrate my epic story of how I am today and how I have been before. The story of how my mind got distracted after falling for someone, getting no response from her, leaving me in the most painful and intolerable state. When you study in the college like Sherubtse, everyone expects a romantic story at least, but in real, most of the lads are left idle and single. When the outsiders passing by the highway captures a few couples dating alongside the road, they instantly picturize the whole students to be of that type. I don’t object and deny what they say, but just generalize it by saying that some are there who prioritizes their time fully in studies, some in playing games and many other things. We cannot judge anything by some vague evidences or without knowing the truth behind it. The outer appearances can often be deceptive and it can mislead our thoughts and concepts.

Mates in my new college were keen in listening to the account of my stay in Sherubtse college. Some liked the way I spent my days in the college while I saw some sense of heartache in others. The most comical of all was that, a guy whom I think, is of the same stature as me in every aspects wasn’t happy at all with the way I whiled away my time. He consoled me for the vicious twist of my fate and dumping me way back to the first year. In between, I sighted a contented smile in his face for he had a similar pitiful story. He had his own story of how he wasted a year in another college. I could sense a gloominess thought in his mind, for he was still tangled by the distasteful incident. I appropriately weighed ourselves as the birds of same feather and we had millions of reasons to be happy as ever with the opportunity in our hands to prove ourselves and kept him mum by pointing that he would have ruined without getting a single girlfriend like me if he was also there in Sherubtse.

Not even a single friend of mine was happy to hear the harsh and tough promotion rule implemented by my previous college. If our present college had the similar rule, I am sure we will be kicked hard on our butts right from the beginning of the course. Some of my friends would have rested for almost three months by now, waiting for the juniors to get enrolled for the next academic session. Thank God!! the rules are not that extreme. Considering the toughness of the courses the college offer, I think the present rules are just appropriate and standard. It is a pleasant news to learn that RUB is readmitting those students who were once detained. I hope and pray that the new tentative rules benefit the present students and also give life to those who were once victimized.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Imperfect Decision

People spend hefty money if they have more with them and can stay without it, too. The more we have, the more we expend. Actually,  I pay out a few thousands of bucks like any other typical ordinary guys and stay broke at several occasions after lavishly spending the money by going for movies, visiting KFC, shopping, hanging out with friends and touring the nearby places during holidays. I could even stay calmly without single bucks for weeks and life is absolutely normal and same like the former one. In truth, when my purse remains loaded with few amount, an endless plan pops out from within. Incapable of controlling or managing myself, I become the victim of everything I planned and a scapegoat to myself, never keeping me in tranquil state. As a student, I expect nothing more at present and with all my apparent profile, it is sufficient for me to say in a joyous manner that I have everything that suffices the student’s needs. I accept the challenges and hardships with a heart of ebullience as I take into consideration that it is the perfect embodiment of concept and direction for me to test my true inherent capacity and tackling it with the required solution shapes me to be a better person.

Nothing is tedious and tiring than studying. It sucks out the juice deep from the myeloid, shrinking our eyes inside the sockets.  It is a deadening topic that every student hates to discuss about, yet the sadder tale is that it is an important aspect of one’s life which cannot be neglected at any cost and with which we respire. Students’ life is a one such stage in our entire life where we get the opportunity to modify ourselves for a good cause, a rostrum for us to make ample of friends and grasp the values of life. It is the time where we experience the funniest, the most interesting and distressing incidents, bringing a mixed joys in our faces and imprinting memories in our hearts.

The incident that occurred with me and my friends a few days back placed us in a traumatic state. It being a holiday, we went out to refresh ourselves from the hectic classes and assignments. After a quick shopping, we halted in one restaurant to fill up our tummy and to boost ourselves. Some ordered cool drinks, but I found a chill beer stored in the refrigerator which is a perfect thirst quencher for me. One friend came up with his idea to go for movie to which we agreed. The amount that we had in cash was insufficient for us to watch a newly released movie in the theatre after having spent some in filling up our tummy and shopping. So we went to the nearest ATM counter to withdraw the remaining few hundreds which was left purposefully because we never know of the sudden unforeseen crisis that demands immediate actions at times where money plays the principle role. It came to me as an utter astonishment to see the amount in the ATM being quadrupled. I immediately informed my fellas standing outside about it and saw a smile on their faces.

Everyone knew that someone erroneously deposited a few thousands in my account, but no one, excepting me had the mind to let it be in the ATM so that the bank can transfer it to the intended account holder. My opinion to keep it in the account was ruled out by their hasty decision and we withdrew the whole amount. This was the risk taken fully by my friends and I could see no regrets in their faces but it made me feel uncomfortable as it was morally reprehensible. For now, I am indebted to the Bank for transferring the exact amount to the third person at the right time without any flaws before I could deposit it back and leaving my account in the negative balance for few days, awaiting to adjust it from my next deposit. Having solved the problem, I could now breathe the air with a flavor of great relief. I wholeheartedly accept my mistake and sincerely apologize it and would also petition all the people to be with good forethoughts while undertaking any chore.