Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Simple Mistakes That I Commit Unwittingly

Some people are just born great by birth and rest become wise as they grow up. The instinct in we humans is that, we forget the most important and simple things. It is just our carelessness that makes us forget the stuffs which otherwise has to be held back within us. Each and every modules that we learn in the class are all related to our life.

Mind set of people can be an aura of amiss if we take slapdash decisions. We hardly get time to take note of minor ones. For instance, it is a very casual and appropriately an everyday  topic with every Facebook users to enquire age, hometown  and even go up to asking people's height and weight though it becomes too personal by then. 

Our brain do keep the stuffs in it which are patently worthless. I still remember learning about "Force" in my high school days which is correlated with mass. Once, my teacher randomly picked up few of my friends and questioned "What is your weight?". Well, everyone thought it as a silly question and answered 50kg, 45kg and so on. My answer would be no different than what my friends said, as I was already prepared to tell my weight as 57kg.

The teacher then told us that this is the mistake almost every one commits out of negligence.  He stated that the answer should be expressed in Newtons as weight is the product of mass(kg) and gravitational force, which is just same as that of Force. The answer is correct if I asked to you all "What's your mass?" nodded our teacher to which we all agreed with a low indistinct continuous sound from all over the compact class room.

Even today, I still land up committing mistakes. For now, my mistakes are something that I am unaware of and of higher level than my grasping power. One of the esteemed professors from the mechanical department came to our class as a guest lecturer for three blocked periods to impart us with the basic facts of mechanics in engineering field.

He stressed more on direction of force and behavior of load bearing forces in the construction of mega structures. The two hours lecture seemed too short that I felt like it finished in a wink of my eyes. It appeared so because he used to relate the topics to our daily routines. He even cracked a humorous, but laudatory joke on the importance direction.

The Story was about the two persons who were voyaging in yacht. All out of sudden, their yacht pounded to an iceberg and started to sink. The person who knew how to swim asked his friend the approximate distance to the ground from the accident spot as he was so desperate to get himself to a safer ground. He replied "maybe 1km" with eyes brimmed with tears.

The questioner immediately started swimming with the hope of survival as he was confident enough to reach the safer place if it is just 1km away. At that point, the poor fella shouted, "Hey! It is just one 1km if you go vertically downward and distance can be more than 100 km if you're to go in horizontal direction".

It was crucial for the him to clarify the direction and the distance to the ground to keep himself away from the curse of his friend. If he didn't mention the direction, it would be the most deadliest sinister blow and intensify the existing problem in which he is trapped in. This simple story with broad scope just displayed the importance of direction in our daily life. 

Though just a fictitious story, professor narrated to remind us of the importance of small things which we usually forget. Since it has become like a trend to us, the extrication would be difficult to instantly get out of it, but we have to strive hard to at least be responsible for our own acts.  

Saturday, 13 October 2012

The late Time Of My 23 Years Of Stay On The Globe

With barely a month left for the semester exam, I hear my friends excitedly talking of going home during the short winter break. I gave the final thought and decided to stay back. Indeed, they are too excited to go home to meet their closed ones. I made up my mind to stay back though I too miss my people at home. Had it been a one month break, I would have already gone for ticket reservation way long back. Sadly, vacation is just for ten days, out of which 6 days has to be spent in the train for the to and fro journey. 

Of course we can extend few more weeks and enjoy with friends and family, but I find it meaningless because we suffer mercilessly to make up our attendance which has to be maintained atleast 75%. The exalting moments with family and friends vanishes in a wink because of the stresses which we have to endure once we register for the new academic session. Friend may have stories to share with us after returning from home and I have my own plan to share all my occupying incidents with them.

Most importantly, I am turning 24 within next few days. Series of mixed feelings collides in my mind. This draws my concentration way beyond the horizon of my analyzing capacity. The feeling is the most livest for my felicitous life, but do let me repent with the things that befell to me. I took considerably long time to realize the very presence of myself in this very beautiful world. It is a kind of wonderment to realize that I wasted lots of time dreaming in the unrealistic world totally barred from reality.

I was totally flabbergasted to see one of my high school friends reminding me of my birth day. That was an exhilarating moment to me and I always knew that there is a safest place deep within my heart for him which will remain eternally. More than anything, I reckoned his feelings, as I often forget my own birthday due to heavy workload and seemingly endless routine. I simply felt privileged to know that I have friends who still consider me as their best buddy.

I still remember the funniest incident whereby, I almost forgot the most significant day of my life. I was busy in the examination hall trying every possible way to manage pass mark and suddenly remembered that the day was my natal day. Engrossed wholly in studies, I nearly forgot the day being my birthday. Credit to the tough Physic paper which forced me to scratch my head and gaze to the ceiling which assisted me to retrieve my almost disregarded birthday. I could just smile in the examination hall and prayed to God for keeping me in the best of my form for all those years.

After having spent my entire teenage days at my beautiful hometown. The place which is sighted floating on the pool of green foliage surrounded by mountains from all directions where no one is keen on celebrating birthday. I still feel uncomfortable to assign great importance to observe the day of my birth. I have seen my little cute nieces and nephews zealously eager to celebrate it. They would even stop from crying and doing pranks when we say that we will cancel their birthday party. Everything changes with the tick of clock. As usual, I want to just express my gratitude and prayers to almighties for allowing me to lead a completely happy and  a contented life for last 23 years.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Am I Really Learning.....

First year was just the reiteration of what we studied in intermediate level. The subject were all the repetition  of those studied by the science students of 12 standard, though little bit in depth. After four years of gap, I had to study chemistry again which I rated as the most difficult subject back in my school life. No matter how tough it is, I have to manage a pass mark, but thinking about it spooked me. I have the record set in the school where by I never obtained pass marks in any of the home examinations in chemistry.  Nevertheless, I used to just get through in the final with a marginal mark which was consoling. Some how by sheer luck, I could clear all the modules of first year. 

Now the modules are all the core subjects of Civil engineering and a complete new set of studies to me. It is bit tedious as all the theories taught are experimented in the lab. Without a detailed critical inspection, it is obvious that I will lag behind and get positioned at a disadvantaged side. I find every new lesson challenging, yet try to grasp it for the sake of examination. Nothing comes in mind other than the exam tension which I forget once I get out of the class.   

Friends around have been the source of encouragement who always boosted me just to be in line with them. At times, weird feelings strikes my mind because I have already forgotten the things that I studied in the previous semester. To implement it in the professional field is subsequently becoming too vague to be considered as my plan.I cannot stay in an unsatisfied state though to implement in real is thinning out my hopes and compelling me feel pessimistic. 

Once, I genuinely asked my best buddy who recently graduated this year about his course and what he gained out of it. My question made him giggle in the middle of the Thimphu city. He replied, "I am feeling blank at this point" followed by a grin smile on his pudgy pale face. I didn't do any survey to authenticate what I felt. I instantly thought that everything I perceived was absolutely normal. Perhaps we may excel when it comes to practicality just like man becoming wiser and chicer with age. 

For this semester, I along with my four best buddies are undertaking a study on the behavior of M30, M40 Concrete in the acidic condition. To speak out the truth, no one from my group had the idea about the topic in the beginning which was kind of a worrying matter. We just chose the topic randomly by risking ourselves to learn something new. A friend intercommunicated whether the topic is fine for all of us and the rest, who are yet to know the real taste of the Course easily agreed. I must say, we're progressing and learning  unexpectedly, which are to be forgotten by next semester as always ^_^

Sunday, 7 October 2012


There are certain formalities that has to be followed by every individual. We can’t simply stay alone without acquaintances around. If being a loner is good, I concur spending time with friends is the best. It is quite impossible to comment on anyone at an instant. Some are seen totally as a bossy, demanding and annoying when we are strangers to them, but with time we discover many impressive qualities within them.

There are others whom we see jovial and elegant, who turns out to be the smartest person, but makes us feel painful and severely terrible upon thinking about their real mental attitude. Of all, an unexpected action of our best buddies under specific circumstances impels one to go blank. As nobody anticipates such a reaction from him, the dramatic scene leaves all other friends absolutely mum and in an embarrassing situation. 
I would rather prefer to change for good cause than to reform mentally for others sake. In no ways, I can mingle with those guys who hold friendship just because of some influential factors. Many people try to display their best character in the beginning which is just a mere pretension. They are the stupid people who deceive their friends with false artificial quality. An imaginative and intellectual play by our friends at the beginning lets other people to perceive goodness in them and gradually makes us feel sorry.

I know harping on other people isn’t a modest thing I should do, but I do it wittingly to speak out the truth. People never complain whiningly about their friends. They adopt every other possible ways to express what they feel at heart. Of all, it is bit harsh on others to take it, positioning into the most intolerable degree of sentimentality.Friends will never take it seriously until they are severely wounded. To befriend is every ones desire. 

I just love making friends and feel complete to have friends who are always there for me. Just like we visit hairdresser to cut hair, we can also check and sort carefully the ones who are worthy to be considered as best buddies. My face normally doesn't turn dark with extreme rage, but with some sense of gloominess whenever I see my buddies unhappy because of me. I can never ever lower someone’s spirit and make them downhearted. Even if they do, I would just acknowledge with a supposition that he is totally unintentional. 

PS:- Intended to hurt no one's emotion. Just a random perceptual experience of what I see around. No one is born without flaws, but we have spacious surrounding for improvement.