Monday, 31 March 2014

Hectic Fool's month

The next 30 days are assured to be a very hectic. Everything has to be managed systematically, make up my mind and be determined. April month, which is regarded as the fools month is never going to let me feel like a one. I have to be active, toil hard and get ready for my upcoming 6 semester exams. Matter won't wrap up with this. I have to cut short my sleeping time and accustom the habit of sleeping after AM and waking up as early as possible. 

At this time of the year, people are supposed to be in the state of merriment with uttermost peace with natural scenic beauty at its best. It is a time to rejoice the freshness and fragrance of the mother nature with its scenic beauty and plants blossoming. Here, I would rather consider April month as a sizzling summer day with scanty rain and scorching heat of broad day sunlight.

To welcome it as perfect spring month is out of question with temperature soaring high up to 38 degrees which is quite early.  The hot air entering the room can make anyone go fatigue with high humidity making the stay intolerable. Ceiling fan proving futile even at its highest rotation. People are left drenched in their own sweat and force to drink buckets of water to avoid dehydration. Most importantly, I have to be extremely careful and stay away from the skin rashes which is common in hot places.

I have seen my friends working in banks busy during their year closing. The situation out here with me is no different. Semester closing is right at my doorstep and got no time to toss my pillow like previous months. The days gonna be long and a tiring one. Submission of assignments, lab records, internal exams and project review are queued up to put me in action. I wished I was free in this month, nevertheless could not help being away from all these works.

April month will put me in terrible mental, but it is an appropriate time to burn down my calories. The fact that I will be back at home by first week of next month is boosting my morale and driving me to enthusiastically put efforts. The sunny days are awaiting for me and this is the consoling aspects of the current difficult situation. Friends are waiting for me to play football and booze together. Ah! can't wait any longer,   and let May come, delectable days are waiting to thrill me though April gonna employ me without any remuneration. 

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Eyeshot on Blogging.

Bloggers in Bhutan can be anyone and I am one among them as we are bestowed with the freedom to express everything within us. Moreover, blog is a platform for us to express our feelings and keep up our writing habit. Not everyone around us are so familiar with blogging. I am also new to this and got little ideas on how to blog and all. 

Those who never owned a blog but with a faint idea have more to say about blogging and its purpose. I was in a gathering with my college mates yesterday. Few seniors just returned from a semester long practice school in Bhutan with few bottles of our local brews and I was there to fuddle up on their invitation. 

I don't know how it became a matter of discussion. Everybody was talking about blogging. Few own it whereas some aren't aware of it. I never share about my blog with my friends here as I know they will just insult or complement on it. Only one of my friends knows about my genuine interest in blogging and he shared about this to others. 

Another friend had his own opinion about blog. He questioned me whether I have anything posted in my blog which was something like a research work or anything inquisitive worth enough for other people to read as a reference. My answer was a straight NO and he was so sure that we are nowhere as a blogger which he tried to generalize it owing to my presence there.  

I was mum to hear about blogging from him who was never in the position to take our point of view.  I saw him unshakable with his justification on top of his voice. I had to tell him that this is the first time ever to know about the real purpose of the blog. If what he said is true, I am sorry to say that I have been misusing it for three years by posting useless articles.

 I tried to share my own knowledge about blog to him but was not in a position to take it. People have their own justification for everything and I have that habit to support and accept it as a courteous gesture. I don't know whether I am true with my faint knowledge about blog.  

All long, I considered blog as an online journal where we can post our write ups be it anything. I am a keen follower of Bhutanese blogs and blogging for me is like an open diary where we can keep an account of our daily experiences, incidences and a site where we can read and post personal feelings. 

His comments on blogging put me in a bewildering state with a vague hesitant feeling of whether I am doing right by posting everything popping out from within and making it public. It was something like a contemptuous assertion to bloggers especially for an amateur like me. There was nothing serious to mark his words for it was his cognitive thinking which was an absolute laymen's view. 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Influence Of Technology In Modern Day Love Story.

I ain't here to bother someone in my apartment who keep his facebook and other pages on with torrent downloading upto 300kpbs. Anything bountiful around us makes us to care less about it mooting the fact that it faintly pinches us. So I keep my laptop power on 24 hours without shutting it down, I ain't the only one doing this. All my friends are just like me making and utilizing it profitably. It is a perfect substitute for everything especially when you are away from home with nothing engaging around. We get to stay close with friends and near ones every day. 

If anyone finds me online even at odd hours, they are misconstrued to see me active. Some curiously writes, "who keeps you awake at this hour". A habit is firmly grounded whereby it has become a routine to clear their doubts. The story starts right from the root where by I insinuate myself in the topic and inform them about reasonable and unlimited internet facility. Though we get to learn new ideas, stay updated with the world wide news, read various articles, follow blogs, watch videos etc, I feel like it is a sheer waste of time because we never know how time passes once we are infront of our laptop.

In a place like India where you never find any other scope for spending quality time during the leisure time, internet play the better role as a companion. We can chit-chat with friends, watch movies and many more. Everything has changed with time, I don't think lads nowadays are having the charm of writing letters to their loved ones like we used to do in our schooling days. Perhaps, they may not have any idea how their elders approached and proposed each other. With the introduction of mobiles and social networking sites, flirting has become popular among people.

Back then, proposing a girl wasn't a easy task, I used to get a goose bump all over my body the moment I thought of undertaking the mission. The proposal required enomous boldness. Those who could speak well and had eloquent tongue were lucky enough to get into relationships. I vividly remember writing lots of love letters for my friends in high school. They used to sneak into my room after the light off without the notice of Councillor and come up with a special petition. I wrote dozens of love letters under the candle light  for my friends and it became like a regular assignment for me.

Juxtaposing the two completely contrasting styles, we realize how technology has taken its role in our life. We just ring the person on the other end or write in social networking site or video chat to express our love and affection. Even with these facilities readily available around me, I never feel comfortable to set myself for the greatest mission. Those who are talented in talking can fully utilize it in video chatting and call, while others can either impress through text or by writing in words. In my case, hair still tingles around my neck to implement and adopt the new strategies which I feel is still out of my comprehension.

Along with technological prgoression, many unwanted stuffs are coming into existence. Violence and marital problems are becoming prominent which I believe is the potent effect of technology. Marital problems has tremendously escalated over the years and infidelity on the rise. It wasn't as easy as it is right now to get into a relationship. Most of the modern love stories have the touch of social networking sites and telecommunication. Two strangers can easily fall in love and make it public by updating their status the very next day. Well, I ain't to trying to act reasonable with my opinion for it is just a display of my lame thought.

To be frank, I may find myself in the most awkward situation to narrate my first meeting with the better half (wish I had one :P) to my kids in time to come if they happen to ask by chance. It will be a weirdest narration to start with "Hmm....I added her in facebook, started chatting and so on" which is the common love story prevailing nowadays. Even then, I firmly believe that the better fate has the vital role to play though social networking site has it own part in modern day love story.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Answer For Liebster Award

Who wouldn't be ecstatic with joy when nominated for the Liebster award. It totally flabbergasted me  to see my name being highlighted as a nominee. I sincerely would like to thank for nominating me and making me exult with a victorious feeling. It was a kind of a moral boosting support to have someone taking time to read my blog. 

Here are my answers.

1. Anything funny related to your blog?
   -I try to incorporate everything that strike my mind. As such, there is nothing funny or anything like exhilarating secret related to my blog. Habituated to an indiscriminate penning style which is something related to a amateurish stint, my blog is a journal resulting from the cognitive process and emotive feelings. I keep an account of the incidences that I experience everyday. It is a notebook which I can refer for retrospection in years yet to come.There is nothing like showy misrepresentation intended to conceal anything within and it is a complete narration of my random thoughts and daily experiences. 

2. Would you like living forever?Why?
    -I don't think I would love to live forever. This whole concept of life would change if someone was to live forever. Just like plants wither, we are deemed to grow old. Immortality with aging would be the sorriest gift of God to us. 

3. Note few descriptions about you by others that you don't believe in and why?
    -People to whom I am not that acquainted see me serious. In no way, I can wholly accept or refuse their thoughts and my image in them. Everyone is distinctive in their own way and the mental position from which things are viewed vary considerably from person to person. May be the unsmiling face that I wear  which reveals little emotion or sensibility must be the reason why they see me serious. I feel, I am an amicable and a jovial person who prides in befriending people.  

4. We say "Don't judge a book by its cover". Do you really believe in giving only second (not foremost) priority to external presentation?
 -"Real book is not one that we read, but one that read us" is an adage that lets us take a serious note on the proverb mentioned in the question. To yield this famous saying, one must possess the talent to know the world around them. Physical appearance to some extent proves an allure, but I feel the importance of kind human being inside. Therefore, judicious and sensible decisions has to be ranked on top as physical appearance which is perishable can often be deceptive and delusive.

5. What's so special about you?
  -It is good to be a narcissist sometimes. So I will say, I am the special one. Life isn't fair and everyone knows it. People are born with flaws and so I am. The serenity within me lets me live a tranquil and flavourful life. That's an asset of special worth within me.

6. What would you like to give the world?
  -Giving and taking is a part of life. It wouldn't be justifiable to say that I can do great to the world. At the most, I can pray for the sentient beings breathing the common air for prosperous life full of merriment.

7. What is love?
  -Willingness of ones heart to do anything out of affection is love. 

My nomination for the award and I urge her to answer the above same questions.

1. Passang Wangmo:- 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Pain and Gain:- Real Life Experience

A fortnight ago, I was feeling awfully weak with back pain. At first, the pain was bearable and thought it was due to my poor sleeping style that didn't interest me to spotlight it. The discomfort persisted with no sign of relief. I felt the piercing vibes all over my abdomen part and was feeling agonizingly uncomfortable even while travelling in the bus. The sense of uneasiness while eliminating urine stressed  me, forcing me to think of various diseases.

At one point, aching aggravated and I had to combat it for hours. For the first time, I had this tormenting experience. I got my hands to the laptop, opened google page and typed the symptoms. Google page  displayed Urinary Track Infection and other related diseases. I have no habit of visiting hospital and usually curl under the blanket whenever I am sick. Read the early signs and symptoms of the particular disease and the home remedies with a hope of getting out of the pain. 

I struggled to breathe the proper air. The day wasn't mine, all my friends were out to play football. I could hardly resist the pain, a displeasing and painful experience. As dusk approached, friends returned, only to see me tossing with my pillow. Perplexed with my unusual posture, one of them rushed into my room and inquired if I was sick or not, to which I calmly replied nope. Seemingly, he wasn't convinced to see me replying with contorted face. 

Prior to their arrival, I messaged to friend about my sickness and requested him to come over my place. I knew he was just too lazy to turn up. He wrote, "you're strong and can't fall sick" with LOL appended after it. Well that was humorous, but I didn't have stamina to take it nor felt like explaining to convince him. It was only after their repeated persuasion that I agreed to visit hospital. I knew they felt helpless to see me struggling and opted to take me hospital.

It was only after reaching hospital and the injection that I wore a big smile and felt like a glowing bulb all over again. After various examination, Doctor explained me of a 6mm Calculas that has dropped from kidney and entered the VUJ. Illnesses related to kidney or renal organs, people instantly suggest us to drink plenty of water and I got lots of advises from various people. I was also well informed of it and guess that was the human dissonance which walls from  doing the right until we are really sick.

As I get up for the another mundane day, it gives me a sense of delectation for having got the opportunity to live a day more. Everyday imparts me with new knowledge and lesson. If it was not that terrible pain in the lower abdomen, I wouldn't have visited the site from which I grabbed lots of information. It will definitely orient me to the path of healthy living and let others around my radar know about the health tips if they need any.

The following are the 10 common habits that destroy our kidney:
1. Not emptying your bladder early
2. Not drinking enough water.
3. Taking too much salt.
4 Not treating common infection quickly and properly.
5. Eating too much meat.
6. Not eating enough.
7. Painkiller abuse.
8. Missing your drugs.
9. Drinking too much alcohol
10. Not resting enough[source: internet]

I aggregated the above detrimental points about kidney from internet. By knowing the cause, I genuinely feel we can alter our lifestyle and habits which deteriorates our health and adopt something called healthy lifestyle.