Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Day's Chronicle.

12th august
 My cellphone beeped and alarmed to disturb my pleasant morning sleep. I just hated the distraction and the whole idea of waking up early,  but was left with no option than to wake up and  freshen up myself. I had a mind to pull the blanket over and sleep some more time, but had to reluctantly avert. It was 6am and I was awake  early right at the dawn break when others elsewhere were still in their dreams. Everyday, as soon as I am out of the bed, it takes me another 10-15 minutes to get rid of my remaining sleep. I see myself in the balcony of my apartment staring into the unceasing plains. That was during the regular weekdays, when college timing was at 9am. For sure, I was early today by two and half hours.  

Surprised, people around my vicinity were already at work and this made me realize how lazy I was to say that it was too early. Of all, I liked the pleasant morning breeze which kinda gave me a nostalgic vibe of my stays at home. A vegetable vendor was right infornt of my door with fresh vegetables and daily newspapers was already kept near the door. As I opened the door, I could see the man going to the other apartements with bunch of newspaper on the back of his bi-cycle. Most of the farmers were already into the fields, some ploughing and others spraying pesticides in the field. Perhaps, they might have started so early so as to wrap it up as early as possible and  stay away from the sizzling spell of midday heat.

I recently shifted to the outskirts of main Vijayawada city as the place is just a walking distance from my college. Life here, is totally different from ours. I see, people more busier than us. They  have the mind to work even for a single penny whereas we bhutanese never care and value a coin. I now feel the pinch when I have to walk 50m from my apartment to buy water cans for drinking purpose. The ordinary tape water doesn't seem potable with weird taste. I have seen people active until mid-night, but never thought they will be the same early morning too. Irrespective of timing, we are sure to get anything if we go out to a restuarant or a roadside dhaba. 100 bucks can fully serve and make 5-6 people happy. 

Touring whole India is not a problem anymore for me which I did in many occasions with my collge mates. We take risk by going without any tickets in the general class. The best part of it is we take risk and that's the greatest enjoyment.  Restuarants are plenty along the highway 24*7 with steaming indian foods ready to be served. Ofcourse, surrounding looks little messy with litters all around. They may be deligent to keep it clean, but it is something unquestionable considering the population. The altitude near my place reads 23m above sea level which makes the atmosphere very humid and suffocating. However, with my acceptance to the place , I take it as the place worth living as I am pursuing my studies for my own sake. 

It isn't uncommon to see people defecating in the open air  along side the road. At times, the scene is just too yucky to see people all over replying nature's call and I am with no words to manifest it descriptively. If we are to firmly believe our mythology, everyday will be a bad day as such scenes are common and bound to be seen if you are out of the room. I don't mean to be contemptuous by saying all this since it is thier way of life. One can either turn away by not deviating into sideways from your path or get to see the worst scene of the day right in the morning. I don't consider it as a badluck or anything, but the scene nearly puked me several times.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Divine Heaven(Village or City)

The inner instinct makes us optimistic, but being realistic helps us to understand more about life. City life, usually considered as a social life is often misconstrued as the real life. In real, it has no depth in it to be rated as real life. The best part of village is that folks are all related to one another in many ways and enjoys a life worth to be called as the supernal life. Anything like mishaps, everybody will be well informed and help comes in within no time.

It is utterly unjustifiable to point out the less than normal progess in nooks and corners of our country as the main reason for the total migration of people into urban areas. Rural life, where people usually spent their entire life in the field is what I like the most. Ofcourse it is tedious, but we lead a life free of tension. At the end of the day, people draws out the satisfaction of the day. The quest and burning desire for a better life by leaving the grins and beautiful place deserted is the greatest mistake people usually do in the mordern world. 

Back in villages, everyone's place is just like your home. Being nurtured in a small village of Tashigang, I am confident enough to say it so. You have to fear about nothing and there is no risk in going out late. People in cities are more into mental pressure because of the challenging and expensive living standards. Not all are destined  to lead a city life and those who mistakes cities as their home are the ones who lead a pathetic life. There will be no cases of robbery, gang fights, vandalism, drug abuse etc if they were little wise enough to take a prudent decision. 

How is city life better than rural life? Everytime we go out late night, we fear of notorious people in every corners of the cities and some are already the victims of their thwarted urban life. The peaceful night, which is everybody's night and needs to be respected is never taken care by the late night nuisance. As for the rural life, I find it peaceful with no disturbances or noise pollutions. Ofcourse, to live the reality of it isn't an easy task with tedious labour year round. Whatsoever, happiness kicks in when we accomplish our work which gives a sense of great jubilation. To take the outcome of hard physical labour and the jubilation both in one stride is the real taste of rural life. 

I cannot be bias and prevent the objective considerations and brighter part of life in the cities. The changing time unfolds the economy as a whole and people do prefer living in the cities. Migration has led to various consequences such as labour shortage in rural areas and soaring up the unemployment rate in urban areas. City life, assumed to be a comfortable life has showered a harsh reality to many migrants which they find it hard to endure and survive. There is no steady state of growth or stature maintined with some sections of people swimwing in wealth while others are drowned in poverty which is the woeful plight seen in reality.