Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Lots Have Been Drawn

Playing football and organizing futsal competition has now become too mainstream. We do it quite often and get injured with bruises on our body which takes time to heal. Time to time gaming and sporting keeps one fit with tight muscle and comfortable body. To be in the field once in a while is not at all a wise idea as the consequences of the game comes out worst with torturing body ache and muscle strain.

Unavailable in the ground for many reasons, we are now into PES competition in our laptop. The best part of PES 13 is that, it is more realistic and original with better graphics than the older versions. It has the attractiveness that interest me to play in laptop just like playing in the ground. Infact, playing in laptop may be easier than playing on pitch, but mental pressure and stresses are excessive. The movement and the control of the game depends on how smart we are and the time we take to decide for the next move.

I won't suggest people who find difficulty in stress management to get into the competition because it will dispirit and make you go fatigue.  Mind gets disturbed and stresses your body which may deteriorate your health. Participation is more important than winning is just a saying and everybody rushes for winning. The urge  to win the bet or competition puts you in a situation whereby anxiety and stress over powers your coolness.

Do anything that our heart longs for, no matter how risky it may be, that's the charm of our life. Today, we are into a football competition in PES 13, the right place to showcase our talent even if it proves futile in the field. We have collected an entry fee of 100 rupees each from the participants which numbers to 15. The competition is absolutely fair and will be conducted without any flaws. The fixture is already drawn  and team  is selected on a fair lucky dip basis.

The entry fee which amounts to 1500/- will be utilized for shopping kitchen stuff. Those who get knocked out from the beginning will be given the task of shopping and preparing the dinner which no one would love  to. Even eating could have been the hardest task if it wasn't necessary for our survival. So everyone will try to be the last man standing in the tournament to avoid kitchen work.

In this way, our PES 13 competition is going to spark out amusement and rigorous excitement among friends with spectacular goals  and sensational display of talents with the joystick. All are excited for this big event and even those who aren't skilled with this game are equally interested to be a part of this event  organized as a get together away from home.

Friends are busy exploring the status of the players of the team they got and studying the team's play. Luckily, I got Arsenal FC which is one of the strongest teams in Europe and the club I am most familiar with on PES 13. Even then, I expect a fierce competition from rest of the participants as they are  damn good at football on and off field. We are just few hours away from this  scintillating order of the day. May the best and most deserving buddy triumph and be rid of kitchen work.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A state of Well Being

Just like we hate to travel through a bumpy road, no one likes to experience a jittery ride in life. People are often saddened by the past aching incidents and stranded, unable to take up any further steps with a fear carved in the heart because of the past experiences. Be it disheartening and intolerable, getting up stronger is all one must always aspire to make a new beginning and a beautiful ending.

Life gives us new lessons everyday and is  ought to come in our way all the time. Determination and boldness are what makes us attain our goals and enthusiasm and  habit is what keeps us going in the quest of our goal. People are kept busy by the so called big life. The enamor of good and joyous moments in rest of our life doesn't come easily without sheer hardwork and some sacrifices. 

At times, we must shove aside those very passions that make our life worth living. Happiness is a life long pursuit, but there are times in our life when one has to choose between ones own and that of loved ones. This require utmost strength, courage and in most cases commitment. The serenity to accept each and everything in life be it good or bad is something a wise and smart people have in their veins.

kindness and ability to say NO! is preyed upon by the very people one hopes to keep happy. Being happy is our priority. In certain occasions, happiness may prove exceptionally awful and displeasing to the well wishers as people mistake kindness and generosity as something to gain from. Their action turn into a lust in well wishers' eyes as they are blindfolded by the urge to relish happiness out of materialistic life by sorting into unethical acts.

Even our parents feel the charm of parenthood only when they are able to deliver the needs and wants of their children. A slightest of health problem to their child will panic them, leaving them in a troubled mood. Most of the people keep happiness in their top list. In different walks of life across the country, people yearn for the very word. People at far flung remote villages are more into hard labour in their fields for seasons, guard crops from wild boars and other animals to reap a good yield.

Life in cities and towns are enjoyable only when, happiness is in our way. Office goers are kept engaged with the hectic and mind numbing office works. This is one small action a citizen must render to the country. Of all, the ultimate goal for doing a hard labour under the hot summer sun and torrential rain to the mind numbing job in offices are all towards achieving self contentment and happiness. The satisfaction that we get is the reward which can be labelled as happiness.

One has to overcome hardships, stresses and low points of life. We shouldn't simply take or think anything in a pessimistic side. The love and care that we get from our parents are evergreen and unconditional like a coniferous which never wilts or shades. They are happy when they can feel as well as see the lively faces of their loved ones growing up. Exceptionally, some people are born rude, who never takes charge of the their children. Being a socialized animal, we have got the capability to become wiser and responsible with age which sparks the state of well being.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Weekend with new friends.

Monday is the day which ushers a feeling of intense aversion. After a day or two of rest, we resume and get back to the conventional routine. The fagging feeling and holiday mood still remnant in our mind makes no charm to get back to the track. I see, people verbalizing  reasons as why Monday turns out so stuffy and tiresome.They got their own say and I ain't different either.

By the time I woke up from my comfy bed for college, it was almost 11 and then I realized today is Monday. Half of my classes were over by then and two more to be wasted even if I go to the college as it takes an hour to reach college from my apartment. I felt a huge load all over my and the attractive force of my bed was much more stronger than the earth's gravity which compelled me to laze in bed whole day.

I have nothing to blame, but to share the relishing weekend that I spent with new friends.  Weekend was a wonderful one for I felt like a free bird realized after being caged for years. A mate of mine arranged a friendly match with our Bhutanese friends of National Institute Of Technology, Warangal. Everyone of us acknowledged his plan. We gave him the go ahead with his plan and got the green light from our friends in Warangal.

Earnestly, meeting up our fellow citizens in foreign soil makes ones heart fill with utmost joy. This was my first trip out of my college. I am a hardcore admirer of European football, but  haven't been so serious in the ground for years. My talent in field is almost nil, but more than this I am an ardent and enthusiastic supporter.

Our plan to go elsewhere, meet and make friends popped out during our random talk and turned into reality. It was a good time which would certainly become a good memories in time yet to come. More than anything, I got deeply moved emotionally by their cordial reception. Forgot the fact that I was in a new place as they were too good and jovial as person and in heart.

The warmth within me which was an effect of their heartiness and good companionship was immense that I can't put it in words. Our team was of no match to their in form team and thumped us with 5 goals. This was so little to get dejected or demented because, I visited them to make friends and to know each other and  I was successful in doing that.

Two days,which usually seems like weeks while in college just came in like a flash of light. It was a memorable moment which imprinted lots of fond memories in my heart. Of all, I feel overly favoured for getting chance to meet new friends which is something that I desired before going there.

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Even the sizzling heat couldn't stop us from posing for pic. Gone fatigue after the match, but still with heavy smile.