Tuesday, 12 February 2013

World around me

The present world is too complicated and the people around too. World is deteriorating right infront of us. People opt for easy living in every possible ways. They need the warmth from the people around them, but the tendency to be kind and forgiving is too less from them. People give less and expect more from others. No reason to judge people, time propels the alteration, which is totally unobjectionable.

The prevalence of emotional anguish has clouded the happiness in the faces of people. People are too ambitious and immoderately desirous for their own welfare. This is the current status which we experience daily. Friends are active in the social networking sites, yet shows no zest to write a single word to their beloved ones. The consciousness of own dignity is given the more importance and stays silent just because other person is mum.

People drink not for enjoyment, but out of frustration which leaves them in an awkward and racking situation. People are seemingly happy, but pressure is way beyond their bearing capacity. Drastic change in the mindsets of people leading to misunderstandings , choas and instability in the society. The guilt conscience  drives away the trust and faith in oneself. The trait of not trusting others is the common trend.

Nothing is forecasted and those envisioned are just an illusion. Anybody can do the work, but waits for somebody to do it and nobody does it. Technologies has ease man's job and made man unengergetic.  People struggle for supremacy over laziness. People are more focused on ones very reason for being here and give no time for others, but still expects excessively. Funny but interesting to be in the era where I get to be among the ones described above. 

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Unvarying and Ceaseless Schedules

A week long assignment test is finally over, but I've got a little time to flood with relief with many workloads queued up. Writing records for the practicals performed in the laboratory is another mind numbing and onerous task that keeps me busy whole semester. Infact, assignment test is the first section of tedious activities included in the academic calender. Internal tests, assignments, practical exams in 6 modules are all eagerly waiting to brace me. Leisure time and holidays aren't mirthful as it used to be in schools. This just ruins my perfect routine and makes me lethargic.

If it's off day, I find myself in the room with my over sized head resting on the flattened pillow because vacation without acquaintances is not as diverting as having our best buddies. With no alternatives, this becomes the unvarying and a wearisome routine. Presumptively, this may not be the worst thing I am undergoing. All sorts of health related problems are another tormenting thing that always tries to jeopardize my tranquility. Feels uncomfortable to see friends going skinny in the middle of the semester and getting injured due to infections on skin.

Harsh, more appropriately, the hot and humid climatic condition is suitable way to describe the weather which is the major problem for those people who descended from cold places. While I thoroughly dislike this place, nevertheless I accord to stay here understanding the reason of my presence which is for a good cause. On certain occasions, I feel going college a better option because I get the chance to mingle with my class mates and hardly feels the ticking of clock. The worst feeling of being in room all day long just makes me alike to a mentally deranged person and going college precedes all random thoughts.

No matter what, I have to get myself shielded from all worthless fantasies and stupid thoughts. The new semester has just begun and works are all lined up to keep me busy for the next four months. Can't complacently stay and while away the time  because the choices and options in life are the two things which we should earn without any discrepancies hindering it. The unending student life of mine is tiresome yet truly like a bliss of the promised land. Unceasing academic activities and  repetitive life in the room are  the two things in which I must fit in. People  must strive to please themselves so must I with great endurance for any favourable outcome.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Glory for UDHSS

I remember reading a post in kuenselonline forum against Ugyen Dorji Higher Seconday a year ago(unsure of exact date). It must be the anonymous writing of someone who was mindful of his responsibilities and concerns over the future of his children who was enrolled there. His posting described the poor academic performance of the school in the board exams. He might have raised this issue bearing some concerns in his mind and for a grounded valid reason.  Those who strive for the betterment of the students and school must have felt the contemptuous blow by going through it. 

The writer generalized his concerns over the future of his children deliberating the poor academic performance of the school. As a parent, they will always love to see their children doing great in their life. Infact, it is the only cherished desire and hope of all the parents who altruistically sweat for their children's future. Parents and teachers are alike in everything. Be it in terms of responsibilities, care and in grooming the  students, teachers selflessly work hard in shaping the future of students. For many reasons, they must be regarded highly. Their contribution to the society is limitless and way beyond the horizon.

What delighted me lately was the the headline in the kuensel newspaper. The moment for whole UDHSS family to be ecstatic with joy over the success and a brilliant performance by one of our school mates. I congratulate our friend for soaring up our school's fame and for your great efforts which surpassed the excellence. Lets not forget the efforts of our teachers for this great success story and would love to hear lots of same stories in years to come. It is indeed a moral boosting and furnishing information to the present UDHSS family and urge my comrades to keep up with the trend hereafter. 

This dispelled the myth of hopelessness from the minds of many people and I am very much sure that the age old myth will never perpetuate in the time yet to come. Indeed, I managed to read two different articles about UDHSS, which if am to juxtapose; contradicts from one another. Let the ones who had the fallacious hope be rejoiced by this great news. Everything happens for a cause and I know that person must have written it for a good cause. I join hands with all the alumni of UDHSS and congratulate the topper.