Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Better Fate Binds Two Souls

"I don't think you will get a better and simple girl than her" was what Pema heard when he introduced his girlfriend to his elder brother. An indication that his brother was happy for him. Most importantly for getting paired up with a simple and an innocent girl. The seriousness in his brother's compliment was worth to be taken because Pema saw his brother looking over her with an appraising eye. Pema's friend Ngawang was busy complaining in whinning manner as how a girl like her accepted Pema as her lover. He started smirching Pema infront of  girlfriend by saying that he is not the person like she thought. Pema's girl friend just kept herself mum bearing a smile on her face.

The story about their meeting is an epic one. It dates back to their high schooling days when they were school mates. Pema was a guy who grew up in a hamlet of eastern Bhutan. Deprived of all the facilities that one enjoys in the urban and western part, he grew up as a village urchin along with few other friends of his age. Being an average looking guy, he never had the expectations and used to blush while seeing girls. Pema recalled how the long academic years used to end without a single conversation with the girls. At one point, Ngawang interrupted him and said "who knows, girls might have liked you". Pema instantly replied "obviously, it is just that I never gave a shit damn to them" and laughed at his on jest for it was something unrealistic.

Pema was a timid guy in the school and admits he haven't seen his girlfriend in the school. The story seems like his girlfriend was one secret admirer of him. She still have the crystal clear image of how he used to be in the school and also remembers the casual ghos that he wore during Saturdays. Since he was two years senior than her, he could hardly remember her presence in the same school. "Perhaps, he was too busy after other girls in the school", was the probable suggestion from Ngawang's side. Ngawang instantly disagrees the implied possibility as he knows Pema has got no talent to lure girls.

Pema is no more a timid lad anymore. His old friends are often astonished to see him after a long gap as a changed man. His best buddy Ngawang, another unique piece on earth whose verbal skill has the power to evoke laughter tries to annoy Pema whenever they are together. Till that day he used to tell Pema that, "a timid man will never win the girl's heart". Ngawang, had a happy disposition with a smile on his pudgy yellow face upon seeing Pema with his first ever girlfriend. He hugged Pema and whispered "tough man is finally relented by a beautiful girl" and they giggled infront of her.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Wel-come Twenty-Thirteen

Exactly at this time of year, people keep themselves busy with the hope of celebrating another new year for years to come. I hear my friends talking about the resolutions and the past stories, the story of how they couldn't keep up with what they were supposed to do. I often wonder if people are really serious with their resolutions because I see them being stamped down by their impractical resolutions.  

It is a typical and  an average  thought and something what I have seen and the reason why I always give a second thought before I speak out my resolution. So for 2013, I have got no airy resolutions, but as always, wish to savor each and every laugh, cry, joy and emotional distress with an understanding that it is the part of so called beautiful life.

I don't have emphatic word to describe new year's eve. I confined myself in the room and stayed surfing net wishing all my facebook friends who were online. Friends left for the nearby Inn, which once was my favorite destination. I still have the vivid idea of how I exhibited my lame dance moves infront of fellow Indian friends last year.

I was keenly excited to be alone as I did it deliberately. When I compare my present status with the past, I see indefinable differences within myself. Feels no good to mingle and booze like before as I am a complete teetotaler and a happy man since quitting it.

Unlike last year, I did the countdown and accepted 2013 in a joyous manner. The feeling was euphoric which I felt emotionally. The fireworks from the nearby apartments was so thrilling to watch and pleasantly an entertaining one. Seeing people walking by my apartment, I could no longer stay in the room due to an influencing and an exciting temptation from the people outside who were all in gaiety mood.

Went for a midnight walk which was the first time upon reaching college and ofcourse a loner one. Though, 2012 was a year filled with dreadful rumours which riveted spooky feelings in the minds of people, it was a happy ending allowing people to gracefully welcome a new era.

Got no unshakeable resolutions or a precise new goals to be fulfilled, but would certainly usher myself  into the new year with lots of hopes and aspirations for a better world without any chaos to the beautiful earth and her people. I pray twenty-thirteen to be a year of merriment to all with good health and loads of happiness, Amen!!!