Thursday, 30 August 2012

Battling For The Best Of My Form

I don't remember taking medicine for whatever illness or health problem it might be. Ah! It was almost 15 years ago and a vivid reminiscence of my cognitive days. The most funniest of all incidents that strikes my mind quite often makes me to laugh within myself with a smile on my face. I used to take Paracetamol by powdering and mixing it with sugar dissolved in water . This used to happen after the repeated threatening from my mom which I used to take it with my face soaked in tears. 

Even today, I still have that instinct embedded deep in my subconscious. It is my vague idea that curtails me not to take medicine. The talk about the chemical side effects of the medicines further deemed me to strictly prohibit or refrain myself from taking the medicine prescribed by the Doctor. I am well informed of the healing power of medicines but still fear the side effects of taking excessive medicine. This may sound lame and weird to others, but I must say I was regularized by this notion for more than a decade, though the situation is not same anymore.

It all happened a couple of months back when I spotted a small rashes on the lower part of my abdomen and thigh. At first, I thought it maybe due to the sizzling and humid weather condition that is reacting to my delicate skin. It can be due to my negligence or I being a carefree guy which cast me into the worst of my form, from which extrication is severe. In the beginning, I thought everything might get back to the normal and had little time to think of the consequences. Days and weeks passed by and I could slowly feel the intensity of skin irritation disturbing the peace within me. 

At some point, I felt mercilessly satisfied and felt the subsidence of the annoyance of the red patches on my skin. That was the  psychic feeling and in the wake of extreme itchiness, I couldn't even configure that I was doing the damage by scratching it badly with my fingers. A mosquito bite on the other parts used to turn into ring like patches the next day and that kept on escalating. That was all due to the uncurbed freaking act of my useless two hands, which uncontrollably supervised every part of my body unnecessarily after scrubbing the infected part.

Sample of the infection on my right arm

Now, with the dreaded red colour patches all over the body, nothing strikes my mind other than the   medication for the quick recovery. Since then, I visited the pharmacy in every nook and corner of the Vijayawada and consulted the physician. This totally contradicts my very first paragraph and I strongly believe that I am going through the right track.The aversive instinct in me is being virtuously subsided by the regime medication and strict diet. Considering all the remedies that I am undertaking, I am definite that nothing can dissuade me from getting back to my best form.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Where is our status......

Currently, we are the fourth Bhutanese batch studying in one of the private colleges of Andhra Pradesh. The first batch of students kept the fame of Bhutanese students in our college by being punctual, obedient, studious and as an ideal students of all. They were the bunches of in-service candidates who were given the priceless opportunity by the Royal Government Of Bhutan to pursue higher studies. Knowing the drawbacks of minimial qualification for the further enhancement of ones status in the Civil Service, they were here to study Their very presence among lads with a common purpose vividly described the importance of education.

 It is very much common to praise the college where we study without juxtaposing with other colleges which are plenty in India. The point is that everyone loves to praise the college in which he/she is getting rich knowledge and practical experiences in their core subjects. Personally, I am neutral in my opinion and would say that I hate this college as much as I like it. This assertion of mine may create a feeling of disquiet to some of my college mates but it is my opinion to which they have no right to comment. It is same like, I have no right to comment on what other guys think about me and can be interpreted in other way round.

I gracefully thank all my senior room mates, with whom I had an amicable and intimate friendship. It is from them that I learned a few important values of life. The value of education which we the youngsters take into granted. We all feel as if like we are being levied with sizeable taxes or penalties to study. The most inspiring and exemplary to all was the zest and the commitment towards learning things. Many were older than our professors, with the working experience of more than 20 years. One of them used to say I am the oldest of all my siblings and the last to graduate. My eyes filled with the joyous tears when I saw a senior posing infront of camera with her daughter in a National Graduates Orientation Program. Imagine that blissful and exhilarating moment when a father and a daughter gets the opportunity to attend the orientation together. A very rare and special moment I must anecdote.

Their presence with us is now a past memory. Their modesty and sincerity are the points that our professors have on the tip of their tongue to express complaints, discontent, or displeasure over our mistakes and behavior. How can they see us as a better person if they are to compare us with the first Bhutanese batch. They were the people bearing the high profile post in the Districts as District engineers and sub-ordinates. So it is the most unintelligent thing on their part to point fingers on the lads by comparing with our elders. A man becomes wiser with time and age. A change in behavior and attitude is not just trying to be perfect and pretending to be decent infront of them. It is like trying to get the things in better position than before. In an opinion of mine, I would applaud my friend who audaciously rebuked the bad mouth of HOD. 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Simple And Effective Buffoonery.

Sometimes when I have no work to be done, I land up doing silly things in the room to my friends in every possible ways. It is almost a fortnight, I with my roomy made our Facebook friends scratch their head at the other end. Almost all our friends were confused over our smart plan. My roomy is my only childhood friend with whom I share the same name. In primary schooling days, we're classmates, but only for three years. Perhaps, he might have chosen to study twice in the same class to build up a good foundation or there could be any other reasons, while I had a fluent transition to higher standard. It was in high school, I had to experience what he did in primary. On many grounds, we got separated only to meet in the college exactly after a decade. In the college, we pursued the same course but he got admitted a year after me where I became the duly respected senior to him.  We stayed in the same hostel just below the lower market of Kanglung town and we were separated by a room in between. Almost daily, I used to visit his room and seldom talked and recollected our fond memories of early days of schooling infront of our college friends, but most of the time we used to talk about those beautiful nymphs present in and around the college campus.

                                          Captured him having fun.......

Currently, we are again together, but in a new college thousands of mile away from the previous one. We are a few among many who got the chance to study in two distinct colleges though it came as a total blow to us in the beginning. Seriously, I felt the complete darkness for a week or so just because of the reason that I had to leave my former college all out of sudden. That perturbing moment when I had to check my name reflected in the powerful red color on the result processing sheet was something way beyond the content that I possess to describe. I just felt like I was trolled by my own life and that haunted me for many days. My roomy may also have this same dreadful experience and thoughts embedded in his mind because he also falls in the same category in which I am. At the moment, God has been fair on both of us with bunches of adorable friends around which is something consoling. Facebook and internet is the only entertaining companion. All our class mates spend hours surfing it. We also became regular upon reaching the new college which is the only source to keep in touch with our nearest and dearest ones. After the tiring day long college hours, I head to my apartment straight away and confine in my lonely room which I can describe it as the best part of my day to be in. I stay in the room reading news, watching movies and sometimes go through the online articles authored by Bhutanese writers,but more often I open my lappy to live stream  the  European soccer which I envy the most.

Actually, my friend is using different name in his Facebook account, but once we decided to keep our original name with same profile picture and identical cover page just to make fun of our friends. To make our plan successful and an effective one, we restricted all photo viewing option to self so that nobody can cross check our albums. That night we fooled around 20 of  our friends online. They were unaware of our intention. To make the matter bit confusing, we forwarded the same message to our mutual friends at a time. Some never replied us, but those who did were very much stupefied. The were asking me "Are you maintaining two Facebook accounts?" where I promptly replied "nope". It was an innocent prank and in the pretext of being guiltless to hear their question, I stressed more on why they were asking me this strange question. A friend was saying that she just wanted to know it without any reason, I insisted her to be frank and told her that her inquiry made me bit curious and a disquieting one. Perhaps, that was a real cracker to her head but she pretended to be calm. Then she wrote, "actually there are two tabs on your name from which the message is coming simultaneously". At that point I wrote, definitely one is the account that I am using right now and the other one can be my spirit which I cannot say so surely. To fear her, I said you are the only who is saying so. Actually, we just planned to fool them but we landed up scaring some which we shouldn't have done. The girl reflected her feeling of discomfort and throbbing moment after seeing my words, but still we didn't  reveal the truth behind and we'll never reveal for the reason that it was just a simple prank plotted by my roomy.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

A distinguishing feature of Girls.

Recently, some of my friends have started showing interest in everything that they never used to and it came as a total package bit surprising to fellow mates. The question is not about why a section of friends are taking it as the feeling of wonderment and astonishment, but to the remark they made. Well, people may talk and think about us in different ways, which is none of our business to care about. A particular remark from a girl which I heard from my friend cracked my head almost. I know it is ourself who is going to lead ones life, we still come across people bothering and commenting on the works that we do. People never consider the flaws on their part and this is the trend that is happening all around us. We are here to learn from all this views and comments rather than taking it as a serious blow to our psyche. Everyone gets insulted and hurt by rude remarks but there are some points where the words pierces our heart deeper than those rude remarks.

How can one blindly speak out something without any proper judgment?. Is it that the person has attained and ideal instance of life, free from flaws and errors? Hearing the story, I personally felt a big blow because of the fact that I am guy filled with extreme defects and being a person with a wayward attitude. I normally land up judging other people in wrong way which I confine it within myself just to analyze whether my thoughts are at par with the norms or not. I may not have the intention to hurt my friends, but do land up upsetting them. The most hurting and anguishing point was to hear a class mate girl of mine speaking out her truth. 

Luckily, I wasn't present there to listen to her words. With some sense of  contemptuous act on her face, she uttered "Are they that desperate and that cheap?". It would have been more suitable and appropriate if she was the modest and most decent girl of all. Knowing everything about her fame for negative traits among our friends, it just embarrassed me to take note of her words. Though I heard it from a third person, it made me speechless for a minute or so. A interesting point is that she enquired my friend whether he is also desperate like other guys. The poor guy has to keep mum in front of other girls for the reason that all boys are fraud and all girls are flirty. Actually, it was just that one of our friends invited his class mates(Indian girl) for a simple lunch over his place and it seems like they coincidentally saw him bidding goodbye.

The guy who was pouring his eyes along with our Bhutanese girls to the girl and our friend describes it as a moment of total embarrassment. The boldness of the girl brought shame to him. Upon hearing this, it left a big interrogation mark in the back of my mind and guess in him too. The audacious way of commenting over other people was the clear indication of her trying to show her part of goodness and decency when everyone knows everything  about her which is an absolute complement. The truth is that everybody blames others without trying to reflect oneself and this is what exactly happened. There were many other friends(girls) present with them at that point and some sense of properness from her side and pretending to be surprised was bit annoying. That awkward moment when everyone knew well about the girl and her act of  innocency truly indcated boldness, which is the back up for all her fame and name among friends.

P.S:- A true incident narrated by my friend to me who was with the girls at that time.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Blissful Amicable Friendship

Precision and accuracy are the dual words mandatory for the perfection of anything. A slight inadequacy results in some errors or imperfection. It will  be the heaviest and the most toughest undertaking to find the two together. Likewise, we are ought to find only few perfect people out of millions, the cause behind why we  are together apparently. To reach the degree of perfection, I strongly believe in purest form of the human mind free from  all despicable thoughts and actions. To be frank, I would love to confess that I am a physically aggressive, an imperfect, an arrogant, ill-tempered and erroneously packed with all unwanted stuffs that makes an incomplete me. Just like any other person, I too love mingling with friends and make a best time out of nothing. I have learned how to accept and give out the things with great exuberance. Anything can happen to us and to accept wholeheartedly makes some sense. We can't get hurt just over silly matters and remain pissed off for most the time. If we do so, we are the ones who will get reprimanded with a regretful and disgustful aroma of our life.

Birds of same feather flock together, so do the humans. Personally, I feel it as the greatest delectation and enjoyment to have a friend of similar character and attitude. Of course, acquaintances around are limitless, but friends are the ones with whom we share our joys, laughter and emotions. I feel comfortable to see red with my friends than pretending to be docile or gentle with strangers. In many ways, I and my friends bear lots of resemblances which makes our bond stronger than all kinds of bonds that we studied in chemistry. The most appreciable point with the present mates is that, some section of friends are totally a teetotaler, pure vegetarian while others are just the opposite. Still, they possess the courteous act to be together all the time. Our boozy drunk companions are well taken care by other section of friends which makes our gathering a memorial and a grand one. Some are careless, but we accept it keeping in mind that carelessness is the most prominent character of a growing age.

After limitless pouring of liquor beyond my drinking capacity(Don't mistake me with an alcoholic for it happens once in a while), I land up performing funny acts. I observed a similar behaviour in all my partners. They easily get hurt, argue, nonetheless it takes a second to compromise and sort it out as it is entirely the intoxicant ruling them. Majority of them (including myself) turns emotionally weak and reaches the extreme of shedding tears unnecessarily. However, this is not an important point  to be focused because we laugh, weep, roar, dance, crack jokes and talk over serious issues exclusively for the ground that the party is all ours and we have the right to do anything. For so many reasons, I feel extremely indebted and blessed to have scary friends around. You all are not an insane but a lovable sane.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Feelings And Ragging Experiences.....

Can we sleep day and night without even taking a single meal? Well, it is impossible to some people but with the situation and the circumstances, I can now say that it is possible. This happens when no one is around  to mingle with and sleeping becomes the prime option. I normally wake up early at home even though my bedtime prolongs upto AM in the morning. Things aren't same in all the places. Different sets of people in different localities and so comes the unique mind sets, perception and demeanor. Staying inside the room whole day also makes one drowsy and lethargic. I experienced it on several occasions and left me in the state of  utmost wearisomeness. It is at this juncture that you feel like, you are staying in a Cubby unknown to other guys. Of course, I ain't the only one who is going through such disgusting routines. Whatsoever, I shouldn't be concerned or overtaken by these things as I am here with some responsibilities which weighs more value.

Though I feel highly favoured to be here studying for my future, I can't stop cursing the place and the environment around. Profane words are bound to come out of my bad mouth quite often and God is the only one who will know the reason behind all this. Earth around me was awesome back at home and everything was treating me so generously. I feel sorry for myself and could see the same pinch on all my friend's face. The ultimate truth in me and all of my friends here is that, we all have apparently been living with some dissatisfaction with all things. An angry stare in all my buddies' unruffled faces depicts their tantrums though not  thrown practically. At times, we reach the point where we can do anything out of frustration, but we try to domesticize ourselves  thinking of the consequences which will be the only worst thing that will follow us. With the way people interact and treat us, we can commit our own way of unrighteous and mischievous human action. None of us will do for we weren't brought up in the such unethical environment and this is something I should consider as a plus point for the cunts(couldn't find any suitable word to describe them)  like them.

I got everything upon reaching here. The newfangled name called "Lord of the Rings" for having a ring like infection caused by fungus all over my body. I have lots of friends who have the bitter experience of the infection prior to me and alias as "Return Of the Rings". They were given this befitting name because the infection isn't fully recovered whereby, there is a every chances of getting it over again if not medicated and taken care of. Having undergone the excruciating and irritating phase before me, they smile at me with some sense of sarcasm yet a concern too. A bite of mosquito can also turn into a big wound if left unattended. This is the place where anything shit is possible. It is all us as an individual to take care of oneself, which is the most crucial and a worthy task to be kept as our priority. Regardless of the undesirable, negative and worst environment around, we always come together and lit our own light to elate the spirits of our small Bhutanese family like the sun glaring down on us which bring a good deal  of happiness to the worldly beings.