Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Time Of Life(Present)

I vividly remembered having my blog where I used to keep note of my daily incidences and pen my feelings into writing. That was when I was in college, alone in the room that I resorted to engage myself by trying hard to write. I tried just to get the basics in writing which I have been struggling all long and still I am here without any signs of improvement. Life is completely different after studies and never imagined of this until I was left idle for  months.

 I successfully wasted the entire 2016 and couldn't imagine what I will be doing in 2017 until I got into a small job. Myriad  of issues in life, some vicious enough inflicting pain and others so comforting. Leading a life itself has to be the sheer blessing. I was idle after my college and I can't express how I longed to work when others were going to office in a clean and a decent formal attire. The usual thing of missing college, fun days and friends very no more a hinder to ones peace of mind than being unemployed and persistently frustrated at home absolutely mute.

Life in the office is no different than those days in schools and college. You equally get exhausted even if one sit on the comfortable chair. The rigorous energy level of those blissful age is gradually weakening in intensity. As one starts to gain more adipose tissues which is utterly useless, we can feel the brunt of having put on too much of weight. More than the physical fatigue, people are now subjected to mental strain which is not at all good for the health.

The morning alarm sounds too noisy and getting out of bed the worst part of the day. Sedentary life, which is another affair that gets along with age further exasperates the already ameboid and rotund body. I never thought of putting on unnecessary weight and pressurize my weakened legs. Some things are really out of our control and the only thing we can do is just do our part by moving with the flow without indicating any kind of moans.

Time has now come for me to be very judicious and conducive to companionship with others in  working collectively towards fulfilling common goals. The group work that we used to perform in schools are now proving very vital in real life. Even  in terms of making decisions, one has to be very voguish. If the result lacks substance and significance, the repercussion, most likely a visible fumble impression by the boss and other colleagues.

As I lead a life in a midway between two extremes, I do feel and fathom the different stages of life which comes up with different roles and responsibilities.  As I am freshly into the working life, I frankly would indite my feeling of excitement for getting one and slowly learning the norms and rules of working which I would perform with utmost professionalism and sincerity.