Monday, 26 August 2013

Letter To A Former Lover

Love, life and disintegration of relationship are key components that makes the ups and downs in ones life. A true love is something which can’t be represented in words particularly with sharpness, because everything is powered automatically than manually. The overall circumstances and conditions in life are all out of blue. The pursuit of love in our life is an unceasing task. In the face of fate, we can’t really go with what is planned and living up to our own expectation is out of question.

The search for an alternative to meet an exceptional criteria may lead to the wrong track. The assurance and promises made are often broken out of frustration and agitation. Eloquent tongue is all what boys need to entice our lady friends and it can be other way. Being in the relationship for the two years seemed like decades because I never got the vigorous charm and amusement that I actually expected from it and this will remain as bafflement that cannot be explained. This will surely be the death end of our love life and the following written material is the final piece that I forwarded to her.

If we're meant to be together, nobody can keep as apart. It has been almost two years that we have been dating and I have no idea whether I pleased you during the entire period of our togetherness. What I assumed is that you're mentally disturbed at numerous occasion. Of course, I could have acted and adopted to deceive you and then simply let you go your own way just like what most of  the boys do. This kind of instinct never ran in my mind as I am not someone who really likes to hurt someone who loved me.  

Though you lately realized that I was not the Mr.Perfect for you, I must say that everything just happened at the right time which I believe  as God's grace. Thank you very much for loving me, but yeah never know whether it was a true love or a mere infatuation. It was not me but your destiny which let you to experience the low points of  your life by being in relation with me.  This was a good way  to teach you the lesson that you will never learn in any other way.

It was a striking news to know that you have started seeing a humble man(as you stated), but the very fact that you are happy with him gave me some relief and an emotion of great happiness. I pretended to be so rude which was actually a facade intended for your benefit. I didn't see anything like bright future for us if you’re to stay with me and I have many reasons to take this in earnest.

 At first, you're a working woman where as I am still a student sweating hard with studies. I have lots of restrictions apart from just getting the graduation. I have no jurisdiction over your life and you have gone far ahead of me in many ways. I am feeling optimistic about my future though it is going to take quite a time. In many ways, you were simply out of my reach and felt blessed for getting chance to date with you.

It could have been a better and happy ending if you informed me prior to taking the decision. When heart is full, words get  suppressed, still I would say your way of moving on came to me as a surprise and little bit coarse. I was right on my part not to trust you fully which keeps me normal. I pray for your successful life  and expect and wish him to be your only one and chosen Mr.Perfect. 

I was little bit overly diluted to be in the relationship which disturbed the peace of my mind. There are many reasons behind this, but I just took the slapdash decision with the hope of making you a happier person. Therefore, I sincerely say that it was relieving news to hear that you’ve have finally started seeing someone and I expect u to be happy and cheerful all time.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Select The Best College.

Those altruistic parents who wants to sent their children for studies across India must be in a state of bafflement, not able to make up their mind. Colleges are plenty in India and even the worst college will have something to show to attract international students. I ain't sure how far our consultancies are well informed about the college that they are linked with. Consultancies should be well informed of the college infrastructure, academic caliber and other recreational  and sports facilities. It is simply impossible for consultancies to tour whole of the college across India and get the detailed information of the college, but they do pretend to know everything just for their own benefit. 

In many occasion, students were given delusive information and misguided after reaching college. Tempting advertisements reflected on the brochures and pamphlets are mostly fake and deceptive. It so happened that, I along with my friends went around our college campus in search of the building which is set as the background in our student Identity card. We couldn't spot the building in the entire college campus and doubted the one building which was under construction slumped in  marshy area.

At that very moment, I realized the need of an intelligent suggestions from the already admitted students rather than blindly believing someone who is an untrustworthy person. Those amicable friends who wishes to join colleges in India must try to get the true information from the students and shouldn't forget to enquire the climate as this has been the major problem for all Bhutanese students in hot places like Andhra Pradesh,Vijayawada where dank weather  had tormented almost the entire fellow mates with health related issues. 

Friends in other colleges have their  own tale to share with us. Prior to their admission to the college, they're informed of the facilities which included AC room, swimming pool and many more which wasn't there in reality. Who to blame? We become helpless to ourself once we're caged in the wrong place. So, I would urge my fellow mates who are wishing to pursue their undergrade to check out the college before considering the final decision which will just make you repent. 

Friday, 2 August 2013

My First Tiffin As Breakfast

For the past four days, my university remained closed due to the unforeseen circumstances. The whole Andhra Pradesh called for a state Bandh demanding a "United Andhra" after the Congress government announced the new Telangana state out of Andhra Pradesh state. With nothing much to do in my apartment, I lazed all day in my bed surfing net and playing online games. Even this started troubling me because every thing became a repetitious activity and the same mind-numbing schedule. 

In the class, we often talked about taking a tiffin to the college though no one was really characterized by the great determination to wake up early and cook to feed their tummy. By the evening of 2nd august, college announced  the rescheduled working days to make up with the lost working days and adjusted the wednesdays' timing on 3rd and thursday's on sunday. I was really longing for it as I was bored staying in the room literally idle. 

The previous night, I was fast asleep. I usually force myself to the bed as early as possible during working days so that I can get enough rest and be energetic in the class. Today, I woke up earlier than my usual timing and right away got into kitchen to prepare my lunch. I compacted the veg fried rice into a small square shaped container and geared up to leave for my college. As I descended through my apartment lift, someone came with the news that the college is off today too. To make sure of it, I enquired other college fellas for the confirmation. 

U-turned back to my room, flashed the news to my friend who was in the toilet. Took out my steaming pack lunch, turned the TV on to NDTV breakfast news and noisily chewed my tiffin as breakfast. I am certain that other buddies in my class will definitely get into the same habit of packing their own rather than torturing the tummy which is not at all good for oneself. After all , we eat to live and to maintain our health.